i hope your week started out nicely!
my mind i think is still stuck in vacation mood,
meaning i still have this repressed need to flee someplace and just calm. down.
so this week's goody bag matches that mood,
i hope you all don't mind!
other than reading some books with ideas on outdoor design like
this one i've been talking maybe too much of, and this one...
wrap a fun scarf on your head,
put on your cat eye glasses, and a bright lipstick,
a lovely frilly or pleated skirt in summery colors,
a playful watch and eat some yummy macarons outdoors,
where you can enjoy the sun, the breeze and the people passing by.



A BRIT GREEK said...

I think you summarized what i'll be doing over the next few days! I have the pink MAc lippy and tortoiseshell cat eye frames!

Life's a shoe said...

nice inspiration! love the color of the lipstick

Fashion Tales.... said...

I NEED a macaron, please! haha! I'm loving the summer skirt too! xo

Tiffany said...

i'm really happy that you liked the post. this mood is killing me though :P since i have to snap back to reality every now and then!
and those summer skirts make you feel so girlie no?

beluxedfashion said...

Amazing photos! Followed you, follow us back? :)

The Lacquer Factor said...

'Iced tea or anything with ice' that sums up my weekend!!!

Tiffany said...

ice tea, i am already drooling with the thought!