this tuesday i'm in the mood for some play.
playing is good for us, even the wisest people have admited it!
so here's what is in my playful goody bag this week...
a vespa!
preferably with a handsom lad driving with you like in roman holiday. heehee!
some colorful bangles,
another cute tote,
cool and girlie shades,
coconut cupcakes from tastey kitchen's recipe,
this hilarious cup,
i've been wanting to get my hands on ines' book for a while now,
but i also love checking her "beautiful in cannes" video
and this adorable cat ring :)

i also want a party hat, especially those princess ones to wear around the house,
but let's just keep that between us! haha

xoxo lovelies!


A Heel in Mint said...

Love your picks. They are so cute. I love Roman Holiday..one of my favorite movies. :)

Heel in Mint

Tiffany said...

roman holiday was a lovely movie indeed! always makse me smile! thank you :)

The Lacquer Factor said...

Lovely quotes!!