hello again!
i know it's been a few days since my last post,
but this week got a little out of hand, plus, i wasn't feeling all that well,
and the heat wave was certainly not helping!
i am back and full of plans for the weekend as well as curiosity for yours!
naturally, i have started studying again,
but it's a bit hard when all you want to do is cool and lay down somewhere!
this weekend i'm looking forward to iced tea 
and generally anything with ice in it, to sip on while i'm concentrating.
i've got a book to finish, until now, it has been proven to be remarkable. for anyone that is looking for something inspirational to read, it is the autobiography of helen keller "the story of my life".
also, i just finished "the name of the rose" by umberto eco (one of my most favorite philosopher and novelists). this book is a fascinating story about a series of crimes commited within a monastery in the times of the inquisition.
since we're talking about reading, i am planning on catching up with this and this blogs
which i recently came across and find very interesting concerning subjects of everyday life.
lastly, i think i'm going to give origami a try,
since a great friend gave me some origami paper...otherwise it's going to go for an alternative use!

what are you all up to? i'd love to hear your plans!



Fashionable Rose said...

hey sounds like an amazing weekend again! ice tea sounds perfect i have been drinking a lot lately while i am sitting in my yard and reading magazines!
i am going out with my friends and having a relaxing Sunday at home i think!! :)

Tiffany said...

relaxing sounds perfect to me! exactly what i had in mind, except for the studying part! haha! hope you have fun too :)