happy week!
now it's monday, and we've probably all gone back to "to-do" lists,
so i thought i'd share a more fun one with you to brighten your monday!
ever since i moved back to ny,
after such a long time, i've been wanting to do so many things here. i always liked discovering my city's secrets and fun spots, devouring its essence to the fullest. i think that is why i have a special memory space in my head where all the great stuff of every place i have ever been to is (kind of like a moving-living tourist guide)
anyway, this led me to create 
a sort of list of all those things.
every time i look at it, it makes me smile. i illustrated it just for you:
i want to...
- visit as many art museums as possible,
the met and the guggenheim because of the building especially.
-picnic in central park
-gallery hopping in chelsea and soho
-eat (of course) at little italy, and go to the san gennaro feast!
-look at the view from the very lowest part of manhattan
-go to an irish pub already
and a bunch of other stuff.

every time i'll be doing one of these things, i'll be taking pictures and sharing it with you (like i did with antiquing in the fabric district), because it's all much more fun that way!

where do you live? do you like discovering your cities? let me know what your favorite activities are!



Celine Luggage bags said...
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Samuel C said...

I'm saving it for when I travel to NY, I love it! Celine, Celine, love it NY is full of things to do and many people believe it's boring! Good one!

Tiffany said...

samuel quite the contrary! there are so many things to do you don't know where to start, and not just ny. i lived in a much-much smaller city before and still found it fascinating!

julien hakym said...

cool stuff!

Tiffany said...

thanks! glad you liked :D