after my theoretical thesis on japanese architecture and nature,
i developed a certain curiosity on glass, translucency and hidden or not so hidden meanings its use may convey.
i am not going to lecture or get as deep as my geeky side would really want to (i can go on for hours) but i thought i might share some thrilling architectural examples 
and thoughts on the use of glass that has remained quite popular througout the years!
my first examples are from an architect i have always admired,
mr. mies van der rohe.
i refer to him as the impersonated, epitome of minimalism.
is use of glass is just one of the things that thrill me about his work. however,
clear surfaces, exposing the dwellings of the interior completely to people passing by
is a characteristic that even today remains brave and bold. also,

society still seems to hold the element of privacy high, in spite of attempts to tear it down through let's say, reality television, social networks and so many other things.
a building that does not "protect"you from unwanted glances of strangers is a taboo.
similar reactions to those that the farnsworth house, philip johnson's glass house also received.
what is also interesting though in glass walls, i might even say intruing,
is that the natural landscape that surrounded both these homes, was their sole decorational elements. nature invades the interior, and the construction's very steel frames, 
moreover frame its image.
in simpler words, nature is the hanging from the walls, work of art.
in a much more contemporary example by junya ishigami,
glass is the "invisible" barrier between outdoors and indoors, in a building with public use this time. the environment around a building can be inspiring,
the connection therefore, is obviously important to the architect.
however, now we can notice a game with reflections. trees reflect on the glass surfaces,
and the forest continues through the interior both as an image and with the allegorical placement of the supportive columns.
but glass can be used even more provocatively!
this was a pavillion proposition by mvrdv.
glass here is not just used for its translucent characteristic. it is an invisible boundary separating people from the ocean world that is not in its normal and physical place, but lifted and "boxed" for our eyes to see.
this is like a comment on nature, against gravity, against the very nature of man and water.

there are so many things to say about each and every example as well as architect,
but these are just thoughts i needed to share. i hope you all enjoyed my geeky little ramble!




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