in the kitchen area!
since last monday i did a recipe post,
and since i was requested, much to my delight, to write about books,
i thought what better way to start this week than to write about food books?
this is a great book for anyone that likes trying new flavors...

without sacrificing their healthy diet. mr. raichlen writes amazing recipes that are
accompanied by great pictures that personally inspire me. so it's a good book
for anyone that is an image person too, like me.
i had to put both these books, one because this is a great chance to get acquainted with
france's italian kitchen cooking, and because her story is just inspiring.
i know i've spoken of the movie before too.
i (obviously) love greek cuisine, and trust me there is no better book to
start with than one by or with nikos tselementes' recipes.
he is simple to follow, and the recipe's are all from the heart of true greek cooking.
my mum has the really old and traditional edition, but this one is great too,
with lovely pictures so you know what the food should look like.
last but definitely not least...
this has been a book that i have used innumerable times,
although i have gotten to a point where, at least in pastries, i experiment with recipes.
this book is full of delicious cookies, biscuits, cakes, bars...my mouth is literally watering
as i am typing this. also, the recipes are approachable, the steps are explained
in a really simple way for us folk that don't have that much experience in the kitchen area yet,
and of course pictures that always help a lot.

what are your favorite cookbooks?



Fashionable Rose said...

thanks for your suggestions! to proto fenete poly endiaferon mias kai einai gia healtyh food! latrevo ta vivlia magirikis giati panta vriskeis poly endiaferon idees!

Tiffany said...

nai pragmati, they're a good source for inspiration and ideas! glad you enjoyed :)