this time i have a fall/winter must accessory diy.
i think we have all established my special love for baroque and rock details in winter fashion...
and this year the trends are especially to my favor!
but enough with this, here is what you'll need, and all the inspiration:
i like all of these necklaces above, but for my personal one....
i stuck with the minimal style, like the marc jacobs one, adding only the detail of a bow.
but for you i have added another detail,
just to make our statement necklace a bit more...well, glamourous!
but before i go on, the marni one reminds me of paper chains we made as children for parties, no?
so here goes.
measure the lace as long as you want the necklace to be. since this is a short one, i used the palms of my hands and measured from thumb to middle finger, which is how long i like the short necklaces to fall under the neck. the rest i added for the bow.
after you string the beads, loop the ends so that through the chain and loops
you will pass your ribbon.
sew or glue the inner end to secure.
after you are done, tie a lovely bow at the nape of your neck, et voilá!

i hope you enjoyed another simple, yet stylish project!
p.s. orders are accepted for the minimal version - just send in an e-mail.



nina papakonstantinou said...

oh this is so chic!!!! definitely going to try it <3!!

Tiffany said...

oh goody!

Street Fashion Paris said...

So chic!!! love it!!! xxx

Tiffany said...

thank you! and coming from a parisian chic blogger...yay!

Vanessa said...

kori! very good idea! i really like it! =) xx