last thursday was fashion's night out,
and i was really thankful to be in new york then!
it was the best remedy for after work. so many people, and so much style to observe and share.
lord & taylor was my chief attraction of the night,
and that is where i came across all of dior's new colors!
earthly tones with a nice red contrast has always been a go-to for me.
but just before the evening started, we had to go by bryant park...

and for some coffee and chocolate at the café across.
on the road i loved spotting different people and styles.
however, my favorite is...mentally re-dressing others! i've been doing that since i was very young. in fact, i always loved getting approached during shopping by ladies that wanted an opinion.
at lord & taylor, there were many people to see, including the designers of bcbgmaxazria,
and a lot of new things to try.
day two of nyfw started out really rainy,
but ended up hot and sunny, luckily i didn't suffer too much in oxfords and torn jeans.
but my diy bug got triggered, and i ended up stopping at m&j trimmings for materials.
i also tried the pumpkin spice latte while i took notes on the projects i'll be sharing with you!
that was a bit random, but i'm a coffee lover, so i had to share that too.
and since my mood was on accessories, i had to check what was going on at forever21.
other people like their outfits,
but i have a thing for their accessories.
and they were displayed like pastries! yum.

xoxo for now


A BRIT GREEK said...

Hope you had fun doll. I just realised I'll be missing FNO in Athens, as I'll be in London!!!!

So excited for my trip back.
Have a fab week koukla!

Sparkle said...

oh lucky you! i wanted to go too but i didn't..sob.



The Lacquer Factor said...

How lucky are you! Looks like an amazing collection!

Tiffany said...

brit, London woohoo! sounds bloody perfect to me!
sparkle i hope you get to go to an event, i heard macy's has shoes giveaway today.
the laquer factor, it really was, and tell me how many lipstics can one try on...hmmm :P