this week i started a new book that i felt compelled to talk about with you.
well, actually not so new, but i (yes am admitting this) have not yet read it.
let's see if you can guess which book it is...
yes it is "wuthering heights"!
luckily enough, i had seen the film, the one with ralph of course, so long ago
i hardly remember the plot. i can only recall the element of revenge.
however, this i can say, until now the novel is captivating, it starts in a most unexpected way, and no matter what your cover writes, it is said that it was a product of ms bronté's seur.
sister, that is.
when i finish it entirely i will let you know all about my full experience.
until now, i can say it is excuisite and i can't wait to read more of it while smelling that perfect "old book smell" it gives as i turn the pages.

are there any classics you haven't read?



julien hakym said...

its great for sharing

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you like! Can't wait to show you guys more :)