i have a tasty surprise for you to begin this week, are you ready?
i would like to introduce my blogger friend sheetal of stylish heel in mint, a fashion blog with a wonderful and unique perspective. she also does really interesting reviews on beauty products, which i personally find extremely helpful, as well as really fun fashion diy's and everyone at this blog loves those so definitely pay a visit. as for the tasty surprise....
i'll leave it to heel in mint!

i absolutely love the ideas tiffany comes up with for this blog and i come here often to read her 
posts so being a guest here is a truly enjoyable experience to me. thanks tiffany for giving me a 
chance to do this guest post for you! here i go.
pastel colored trend was hot for spring / summer 2012 season and is still making its way into 
our fall wardrobe. wouldn’t you love to have a drink to go along with it?  pistachio flavored 
nut milk is a perfect hearty pastel colored drink to inject some warmth to those cold and chilly 
fall days. this drink is so versatile that you could enjoy it as is or use it as a base for various 
smoothies and protein shakes. chilled, warm or hot, the drink is super delicious in every form. 
here is the recipe for this deliciously tasty pastel colored drink.
if you have a sweet tooth, you can add brown sugar or...
coconut palm sugar at the end to suit your 
taste also, feel free to add your favorite protein powder to turn it in to a delicious cup of protein 
based drink. i add sun warrior vanilla protein to it and it always turns out super delicious. i think hemp seeds would make a great substitute for walnuts. play with the recipe until you reach a taste that leaves your taste buds craving for more. are you going to try this recipe? 

Heel in Mint


Street Fashion Paris said...

WOW!!!! so cool!!!

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indeed, i was thrilled when she told me what she was planning to prepare. and i love pistachios too!

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