around the hood!

here are some pics i took from around my new neihborhood that i'd like to share with you!
this one i took right as i got out of a really good pizza place. yum!
near here there is the sweetest little bakery that makes amazing tarts country style.
what i also love about this place is that there are so many greeks around, i just walk along the street, minding my own buisness and  hear greek spoken from various directions. it makes me feel more at home.
don't get me wrong, i am also american and i went to an american school for as long as i was in the states but it's been years since i was last back and i feel partially european as well!
very entertaining mix!
oh and here's a pic of the snow from a friend's home
i was so happy to see snow again after so many years!
and just between us folks...my inner child was not so "inner" these past couple (snowy) days!

xoxo lovelies!
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c'est un moment magique!

hello everyone!
i am finally arrived at nyc, with whatever that may involve (adjusting, moving, putting furniture together, being ecited yet utterly stressed at the same time etc.)
it is wonderful here, and for whom it may concern, i'm doing it the "right" way aka
small apartment with a contemporary yet cozy interior i designed...trains, bagel shops anyway...
along with all this hectic reality, i'll be soon looking for a job of course,
other than the online seminars i've enlisted myself to. so speaking of work,
i wanted to share a couple of my (latest) illustrations with you!
"little red riding hood" - colored pencil
"supermap" - map showing the area upgrade proposition and suggested area activities for an urban redesign project at the university of patras.
area concept collage for an architectural housing project for the university of patras.
baptism card and
"airbourne" - canson paper and chalk processed with a technique i've been using the past 2 years.
my "free your heart" poster - for each person it is different, i wanted to portray that you can free your heart through your mind - ink.

for anyone of you who may have recently moved, or looked for a creative job or just finished university...
any tips? they're all welcome!

p.s. all images were designed and scanned by me - tiffany apostolou.
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see you all in nyc!

hey my lovelies!
next time we'll be talking i will be in ny! wish us all a good trip!
image found on favim.com
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hello again for the second post of 2012!
i've been missing for a few days because now i'm on the final route of moving
and because we had a lot to celebrate these past three days!
one of those celebrations was my birthday, just yesterday.
i'll take this as an opportunity to be thankful for a very full past year and wish for one as full and beautiful for everyone!

i would also like to thank all of you who shared all these moments and even more with me through my blog and with your wonderful comments!
i look forward to keeping up the work and sharing even more with you!

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best wishes to everyone

with health and happiness!

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