the common suffering of ...

the sweet tooth!
the funny thing is that i never really did suffer of it, i was a die hard, salty snack person.
until i started my thesis (in which case i have no idea what changed),
and i ate anything sweet that crossed my path, and salty,  ha!
however, i always baked sweets, because, as i have mentioned before,
i love feeding people. so i did some research on vanilla cupcakes and here is what i do:
i love this recipe because you can add anything to your frosting, or split them and fill them with jam while you sprinkle with confectioner's sugar and they are each time, transformed for the occassion you want them.

they are perfect with coffee and english tea.
a period drama certainly adds to the experience :)
feel free to print and keep my template if you like!


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tuesday goody bag

hello lovelies!
i thought i might treat your eyes today with some goodies i've been craving,
now that i'm all excited about spring!
so here goes! and have a lovely week!
milk bottle lamp by droog.
their design items were made under a "reusing items" logic, kind of like green design, or arte povera.
asos circus ring.
i can't wait to bring out all the light colored and soft fabrics,
spring wardrobe always seems to me to be very feminine and playful at the same time.
a pop of color (preferably mint for me please)
every time easter approached i had this tradition of watching "little women"...and the book is wonderful too...
just in case someone hasn't read it already you can order it here.
my love for bunnies, especially peter rabbit, is totally excuseable!
therefore, i think i shall print a tote!

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a short story

hello everyone!
i'd like to pause this weekend, with a short children's story i finished illustrating.
i know that it's in greek and not all are familiar with the language,
but i still wanted to share it with you! i designed the images, layout and lettering.

Katerina Spanopoulou_tiffany Apostolou

the story is about ecology and the importance of water and it was written by katerina spanopoulou. Fani the tree and his animal friends gather to talk about their worries concerning water use,
how important it is to each of them and how valuable it really is.
hope you enjoy!

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architecture alert & senses

as architecture is a great love of mine,
i enjoy finding and researching different aspects of it. one i find particularily interesting is...
when architects design for the senses, or when their creation has impact on human senses.
a great example, and one of my most favorite architects is peter zumthor
who believes that images of spaces can awaken parts of the mind and memories
making people live the building, experience it deeply and meaningfully.
materials, light, shapes, colors and contrasts, i can believe, lead one's mind to a certain direction. other than specific interpretations, we inherit from history and society, of things like, dark or light...
we develop our own throughout the course of life.
for instance the color red can mean or remind you of something else than what it would mean to me.
this leads to a different experience of architecture for each person.
based exactly on those, inherited from tha past and from society, interpretations,
one can design a space to lead feelings and senses towards a more specific direction. in example,
the gothic temples would rise to extreme heights and allow light to come through in such a way as  to enhance the meaning of divinity.
similarly today, tadao ando accentuates and leads feelings through his game with light and shadow.
tadao ando pictures
or before him, le corbusier in his la tourette chapel, where light comes through openings on the ceiling and falls upon a massive, red wall.
in this game of space and senses,
i much admire the japanese who especially emphasize on the aspect of nature
games with different levels of transparency can lead to a different connection with the outdoor environment every time. for instance, a translucent surface may give a shadow-y image of the exterior, giving the interior a mysterious and dream like character. in the image below, large openings, by sanaa in varying scales give the room a completely different feel, like mother nature hospitality.
nature invades this interior through the large opening with the view, but also with the pots of plants, in the form of a more organized nature. thus, the room becomes more home-y and comfortable, something to which one is more used to, especially with the help of such an amount of light pouring in.
in contrast to the above
light can also be used to create opposite feelings, like in libeskind's holocaust tower in the jewish musem. a small opening at the very top of an immensely tall and dark room creates a contrast that is meant to create feelings to the visitor that can slightly resemble those of a gas-room victim. you can feel yourself becoming claustrophobic, wanting to find a way out but the only one you can see is the contrasting corner where the light is coming through, way out of your reach.
i hope you enjoyed these thoughts on architecture.
have you ever entered a building that had impact on your senses?

tip: interesting book to read on similar speculations upon architecture is "the architecture of happiness" by alain de botton.

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à l’étranger

hello everyone and happy week!
i hope your weekend was lovely!
so, after i got my french degree, i decided to take it further and continue studying the language independantly, as well as start another one, español! 
i always wanted to learn spanish, and since i fell in love so much, with the country last may,
it was inevitable.
since i'm doing this independantly, here are some of my tips 
that, i find, make it easier to remember things and get aqquainted with the accent.

-you can find really nice programs online, that you can study individually,
as well as take exercises and test yourself whenever you have time.

-read blogs and magazines to get more comfortable with the every day language...
for instance, french...
i like reading blogs and my favorite french magazine is marie claire, because they have many interesting articles and you get an inside scoop on francais fashion and vocabulary!

- it is also really helful to listen to music in the language you're studying.
it is very good listening and vocabulary practice, 
and we all know how pleasant listening to music is!
like this lovely song...

- you can also try to get some lyrics on paper and see how many sentences you understand.
this is like a game - test.

- flash cards are very helpful for those who, like me, remember things better in pictures.
you can find flash cards in bookstores or online, but i like making mine, like the ones above.

- cook or bake something! 
adapting an activity of your language's culture can make you more motivated to study the language even more, and give you the pleasure of making something.
postcard found here
- last but not least, the greatest opportunity for practicing would be to travel.
visit the place you love and speak the language in museums, cafés, on the street, in the taxi.
you get to meet the city, its lifestyle and history as well as its language!

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you can travel through colors!

happy hump day everyone!
as i mentioned in my last post i got my new color combination obsession lately.
it seems like i've been craving blue, but not just any blue...
that light and bright kind, that reminds you of a tropical beach, or paradise!
and i really like combining it with more neutral colors like a pinkish beige, or nude color.

this color looks lovely on accessories and beads. turqoise stones are also lovely.
and something matchy-matchy for underneath?
images of the items found on net-a-porter and asos

that's my short post for today lovelies!
do you have a color obsession lately? what is your favorite color?

p.s. check out my pinterest!

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green love DIY

happy week everyone,
and happy valentine's day!
so, in honor of all the love that's in the air, i will share one of my favorite diy's...
painted pots and planting.
the materials are simple and economic:
other than a plant of your choice,
a simple pot, you will need:
 a. a pencil (my pencil: arktouros environmental facility)
b. superglue (like gorilla glue above)
c.glitter (here recollections color: paradise)
d.acrylic color (like this americana kind)
e. a brush or two
one tip before we start,
 it is always fun when you decide on a theme by colors,
like i have here with a nude base and blue elements (my new passion combination).
paint the hem with the nude color (or the one of your choice)
and trace a word or phrase you like when it dries. personally, i chose
"un petit jardin", french for "a little garden".
then trace the pencil outline with the superglue and sprinkle with your glitter.
 then, take some soil and plant your desired plant in your pretty and chic pot.
since i'll be keeping mine indoors, i chose a fittonia or green anne,
a green leaf with pink patterns, that doesn't require too much sunlight. it really brightens up your space!
 and voila! my petit jardin sitting on my window sill.
you can also play with patterns like these...
special tips:
with the edge of your brush you can dab the zig-zag pattern for a more tribal look, and with the back of your brush you can make the dots and hearts.

hope you enjoyed! if you make any i'd love to see them.

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idea alert! - wall art

hello happy friday!
as you all know by now, i've moved, and now i'm in my new apartment.
we are slowly and steadily putting it together and it is coming out quite cute!
there is also another thing you must know, although you might have figured it out already by now...
i rarely leave large, plain surfaces, in my spaces, untouched.
so here are some images of my personal space! hope you enjoy.
i made a 3d collage over the spot where a bed head could've been.
i collect post cards (and pencils but that's another story) from every place that i visit.
so each picture, post card, model or painting i've put up reminds me of someone and someplace
i really love.

the smurfette is temporarily there, because i couldn't put her in a box just yet.
for our graduation, a friend got all three of us a smurfette balloon, which i had floating about in greece at first. oh! and to your left you can meet my cookie monster.
i also love my windows, but those are still a work in progress.

happy weekend! xoxo
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architecture alert! - facades for the soul

hello my lovelies!
this will be an architectural post, and quite a short one to be frank
due to the fact that i am swamped and beat, translating theoretical projects.
do wish me luck however, as this may be my starting point on entering freelance.
anyway...i wanted to share with you images of facades.
it is the most obvious architectural element of any building and yet may convey immense
power...the power of communication.
and as the old said: one image equals to a thousand words.
naturally, the most calming area for me is the ocean. drive me up to a beach and my pulses immediatelydrop to a normal rate.
however, it's not always easy to access a waterwashed bank of any sort...so i put on my hat and take myself out for a walk in the city. i love looking at the colors, the geometry, how facades react to natural lighting,
what they look like when techincal lighting is on...
and for the architecture geek in me or you...i love to look for little things like symbols in older buildings, marks, tags, details that one doesn't notice when rapidly passing by.

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bags and prizes

before i say anything else i would love to thank my blogger friend catherine robinson of cashmere lover who nominated me for the liebster award.
this is an award for bloggers we love with less than 200 followers!
and since i was nominated i now in return must nominate five more of my blogger friends:
-simone of fashionable rose
-vanessa of loud&outrageous
-laura of the sweet calling of mountains and
although i haven't seen the number of followers...
-a brit greek

and now since i'd prepared this already...
a. nine west, leather shoulder bag with chain handles
b. stella mccartney cosmetics bag
c.lancome nude, shimmering eye shadow (always helps me look awake)
d.mac lipstick
e.sephora clear lipgloss tube (great for winter cold)
f. max factor double gloss
g. l'oréal true match compact powder, stendhal blush and a thin brush
h. my pencil case
i. little blue phone book
j. my "le petit prince" sketchbook" (i go nowhere without that either)
k. my keys
l. gold crayola pencil, permanent marker, pencil from madrid, brush, mini ruler
m. patterned tape (because it's so cute)
n. my laptop's charger
o. lg headphones

xoxo have a lovely week!
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one down...

another one to go!
but i'm really satisfied and wanted to share my electronically published, illustration portfolio with you all.
hope you enjoy!
Illustration Portfolio

this and the architectural one, that is coming up, is what i've been losing myself into these past few days!
however, i did go out a bit too...of course
so here are some pics from manhattan by night, i took this past monday!

happy febuary everyone!

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