down with the basics.

so here's the thing.
illustration, painting, drawing all come down to color.
but what happens when you want to beat the level of just coloring?
you enter a world that has some basic terms but other than that leaves
you utterly free to experimentation.
here are some of the basics in forming colors:

there are more of course,
but from the rules, people go to here:

a style which, i personally think, cannot fit under just a historical category...
technique and color distinguished the images of people from those of holy persons whose bodies seemed to vaporize and have a light source of their own.
this series of paintings always mesmerizes me...
impressionistic style, captures the image of a place and object through 
its interaction with light.
the series above are from wall length paintings of his beloved water lily garden.
expressionist painter.
this is when paint and color come together in the hands of an artist in such a way that looking into the painting assuredly fills you with feeling. the one above is "eyes in the heat".

different material, different experimentation with color and shades,
can make such a difference, can give someone such power as to convey 
messages solely through an image.
messages, that many times can not be described with words. welcome to the dark side :P

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cookie wednesday*

everytime easter approaches and i'm fasting
i always take it as a chance to fix my diet! so i am always on the lookout for recipes
with a vegetarian take.
what is really harder is finding or making dessert recipes that are really good,
without eggs, milk or butter!
here are some lovely biscuits i'd like to share with you:
happy healthy eating!
and just a random note:
i got so emotional today, as i was skyping with my little nephew who lives in greece, he wanted a hug. so we ended up hugging each others computers. it's amazing how much little children can love and show it. hug the people you love, they're the most important things in our lives!
i love my little christopher!

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tuesday goody bag

hello lovelies!
it's tuesday and some window shopping can't hurt anybody now, can it?
so here are some goodies i want to put in my cotton tote...
and stay tuned for what i will create with them!

as i have said before,
spring is my preferred travelling time.
since i won't be travelling this spring, i decided to make a map and pin all my previous destinations!
with a guide map, i designed and minimally cut continents and islands...
after glueing them all on canson paper, i flattened them on a cardboard.
and then, i pinned all the major cities i've been to with mini, glitter flag pins.
place in a simple white frame with no glass cover and voilá!

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yellow submarine

remember the beatle's song?
i loved that song, we used to sing it at school...it brings back so many memories!
some really close friends started this "find the yellow car" game
that is really addictive by the way, and that got me noticing all the yellow around me.
wich also led to my loving the yellow fashion details that pop up lately!
louis vuitton on 5th ave.
although, i'm very picky about this color, because it reminds me of tweety and you can easily end up looking like a ripe bananna....if it's done right it can be chic and vibrant.
dooney&bourke at macy's
you can always add it through accessories while wearing more neutral colors like greys, whites or nudes. it instantly makes the outfit pop and gives it a trendy air.
i forgot to mention before, that taxi cabs don't count as yellow cars :P no cheating!
ann taylor
right when i got used to sunny weather, spring (although my allergies are always present) and finding yellow everywhere...the weather got colder!
oh well! the greek parade still took place and all is well in the world!

oh, and random fact but the human eye is instantly attracted to the color yellow, because it is very bright. so when an object is placed next to other objects we always see the yellow one first!

happy week! xoxo
p.s. all pictures are mine, hope you liked :)
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a dash of design

design and seasons go together like vanilla ice cream and almonds.
now that the weather is getting outdoorsy and sunny,
the industry tends to lighten and/or brighten its colors.
here are some of my favorite peices so far, classic and new ones.
i love natural material in design, especially during spring when nature is celebrated at its best.
i tend towards blank walls, but when i really want to use wallpaper, soft and classical designs like these are perfect for home interiors.
spanish baskets are hand woven and wonderful for home shopping and picnics.
bunny designs for easter decorating and children's rooms.
hammocks and hanging seats like this one are a must for anyone that has a back yard!

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architecture alert! - interior redesign

this is a proposal for an apartment interior renovation in greece i had done 
a few months before i left.
the apartment is ground floor, and was used as a metallic structure, storage space.
the copper pipes and visible concrete walls were in very good condition.
only two temporary, old brick walls were taken down for both safety and freeing the space.

my proposition involved changing the main entrance in order to free the front facade...
and other things you will see in my design below.

also, these are some of the interior details from the overall proposal.
i chose to play with classic shapes with a modern feel,
because the young couple that was to live there wanted a feel of both past and today.
the house was originally built by their grandfather and is of even greater sentimental value.

hope you liked! i really want to hear your thoughts!

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tuesday goody bag - the picnic

goodmorning everyone.
today is officially the first day of spring and i've been in the mood for a picnic.
or a similar experience at least,
like lying in the park, half under the tree shade and half under the sun, on the grass, with a good book or magazine...
have a nice week everyone!

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summer love

just before the weekend hits,
and st patrick's day...
i really wanted to share some beautiful pictures from the spring/summer collection
of dolce et gabbana who teamed up with who else?
monica bellucci!
this way they absolutely could not go wrong with their "italian summer" themed photoshoots and posters.
these images make me want to travel,
fact that makes much sense since these past springs i've been sharing pictures
from berlin...madrid...greece...
i will surpress this tendancy to flee
and admire these amazing pictures, the scenery and most of all...
the clothing and accessories.
i've been an admirer of dolce et gabbana for years.
their vivid, stylish, ultra feminine and always fashion forward forms and shapes.
this collection, however, i am particularily in love with for some very characteristic reasons.
they remind me of the mediterranean coasts,
with the vivid scenery, sunny sky and vibrant people.
the clothes and accessories though very upbeat and modernized, remind me of an era
that awakens my nostalgic side quite a lot. the straw buckled bags,
the lace, the colors, the full skirts and triangular bustiers make me want to daydream!

which designer's spring/summer collection do you admire this year?

xoxo and happy weekend!
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easter fever

hello everyone!
hope your week has been treating you well until now.
whenever mine isn't i rely on either baking or crafts for therapy!
but now that easter is approaching i decided to make a few decorations anyway
so here goes!

then, as i was working on my flowers...
i decided to make a doll of a character i'm working on for an independant project.

meet corn elius!
all he needs now to be complete is for me to sew his trés chic outfit!

what have you been up to?

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tuesday goody bag

hello everyone!
i prepared a little goodylicious list of things to get your appetite working!
this time i'll celebrate home deco palettes that match with other lovely finds
and some crafty goodies!
these are my top favorite colors for this season!

also, i've been obsessing over patterned tape lately, there are so many magnificent uses for these. above are some of my favorite online finds and their locations!

ok i'll go cook now!
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let's love monday...

usually we tend to hate it right?
it's after a weekend, makes you feel gloomy, feels far from the next weekend...
but here are reasons to love the first work day of the week:

- a fresh start, new chance for creativity.
- the city is overflowing with life.
- the huge thermos-cup filled with hot coffee.
- the weekly local magazine.
- your new beginning of something. it's finally a chance to stick to a promise we made during the weekend,
like "i'll diet on monday".
- it's spring.

what reasons do you have to love monday and put a smile on your face?
i'm sure we all have some!

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weekend DIY - ribbons

for all you crafty readers out there
here's a diy project i did a few days ago to hang all my ribbons
without making the fuss of opening boxes and taking everything out...
a. a stick as lean as possible
b. scissors
c. all your ribbons
d. thin wire (i got navy blue here)
cut two long (about12 inches long) strands of the wire.
tie one on the right end of your stick tightly, and loop the dangling end.
thread all your ribbons, if the package hole isn't big enough, just make half-inch cuts all around it like above.
then on the other end tie the other wire strand carefully.
hang both loops on the nail of your choice...and voilá!

i made an online portfolio just this morning, you can check it out here:


bon weekend!

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happy women's day

happy women's day to everyone.
give an extra hug and kiss to all the special women in your life 
and take a moment to admire all those that have influenced and influence the world today!

in arts, sciences, politics, activism there are women to inspire us all
to be the best we can, to work and make the world a better place,
for our own and the whole worlds future...the children!

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urban dwelling

or as a normal person would say:
a walk in the city.
i want to take you with me on a walk downtown.
in the picture, to the right you see the empire state building.
i like how it fades a bit, contrary to the other, shorter buildings surrounding me that make quite a contrast. to the left and in a little bit you can enter macy's for some shopping!
like this unique skirt...
which by the way, is manufactured just like one of my mum's table cloths.
i fear for the future of that table cloth now...for very obvious reasons!
visit your favorite designers' shrines...
later on, we pass by the other side of the empire state building and marvel at its magnificent geometry as well as at its art nouveau neighbors. it is absolutely lovely to see how older and newer architectural forms blend and make this fantastic urban scenery.
i'll stop the architectural delerium and gawk at the sign of parson's school for a moment...
and slowly move on to times square
now back home!
hope you enjoyed the walk!

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