happy week everyone!
this one is going to start rather gourmet and sweet smelling.
you all know by now, but for the visitors who don't, i love baking.
now, although i'm a good girl and always follow a recipe,
there are some things i dare change, and one of  them is adding vanilla beans in the place of vanilla extract.
since i was baking cookies last friday afternoon,
i thought why not share some facts about one of my very favorite spices.
vanilla comes from:
and as far as trivia goes...
i also love these:

this  body shop body spray, and these philosophy vanilla beauty products,
korres vanilla gels and creams are lovely,
and a scented candle for the romantics.

you might also like to try making your own body spray at home with this recipe,
i tried it and it smells fantastic, feels great and lasts for a while, sorry body shop :)
as far as the aphrodisiac aspect goes, i have only lately started using vanilla products again,
so i'll take the psychology books words for it. however,
if i do happen to become a man - magnet soon, i'll be sure to let you know!

xoxo lovelies!

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words of wisdom

sometimes, life can get hectic.
we undergo major changes, one chapter ends another opens,
we are just faced with situations that can leave us at least, utterly confused.
in such circumstances,
words of wisdom from loved ones, or people we admire can help you go a long way.
now, i'm not talking about cliché quotes, which can also help, don't get me wrong.
but i'm speaking of the ones that give you a bit more courage to stick to who you are
and what you really want.
here are some of my favorites that i hope might make your day as well!
i like to tell this to all my friends when they're having their troubles in love.
it's sweet, i beleive it and it makes them smile :)
maya angelou also said:
"i have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."
with this phrase i envision my future, and the job of my dreams.
my greatest wish, except for that of health, is to find a job through which i can help people and make them smile even for a little bit, by sharing what i love most.
i don't think there is any other comment i could add to this phrase, it speaks for itself.
books and stories can be a real getaway,
i still love to revisit old favorites, it's like entering an old, familiar world where you're absolutely safe and free.

then i read one of his books...
this verse from "the sound of music" is for me one of the clearest ways  to define love.
and last but not least.

this is just a french phrase,
and it just always puts a smile on my face, no matter what.
what quotes do you love?

have a lovely weekend!
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architecture alert! - urban dreams

hello lovelies...
this weeks architecture alert is another walk through new york city streets.
this time i'll take you from cooper union  to soho!
enjoy the walk!
the new building of the cooper union school,
by one of the morphosis architects. i think it makes a great contrast to its surroundings
and yet at the same time fits in wonderfully, as if it was meant to be there.
and i say this even though i have a tendancy towards simple forms and shapes when it comes to architecture.
there was a presentation that was taking place outdoors and we got to watch a little bit!
it felt like being back to school again...
well, i will be soon enough!
at this point we started heading towards the heart of soho,
where we came across this lovely courtyard...
soho for me is, a fantastic walk through the history of 20th century's architecture.
but the window shopping didn't hurt either!
friends thalia and eleni

and now that it's getting dark, and we're all tired and thirsty from all the walking...
lets have a sip!
thanks for walking with us lovelies!

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introducing "kataifi"*

kataifi is a greek dessert  with angel hair pastry, almonds,
walnuts and cinnamon.
now, i didn't just name my shop that because it's delicious,
but also because that is what my friends used to call me because of my
curly, blonde hair!
in the shop i'll be selling my creations, that are really never repeated and always featured here,
using my favorite unique materials such as rope, cotton, fiber, wire, scraps...
and other things also promoting a more ecological ethic!
here are some of my goodies currently in the "kataifi":
statement necklaces
and children's accessories...
are only a few of the goodies i'll be putting up!

my button:

that is on your right hand, features a character illustration that i've been making since i was very little. it is kind of an illustration of me.

let me know what you think :)
p.s. i was just today, featured on blogger friend brooklyn grace's lovely blog:
6 pins in a shoe!
definitely pay a visit, you'll be sure to be inspired!

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weekend in wonderland

hello everyone!
i know today is our goody bag day, but since i spent a weekend away in wonderland,
i thought i might share some pictures from the paradise i was lucky to visit!
but first of all...i am proud to present my brand new etsy shop!
kataifi by tiffany
generally i'm an ocean type of person, but there are times when you seek the forest.
there is something about it that spreads a numbing feeling of serenity in my heart.

even though the weather ended up not being on our side,
i still took walks around the area...stylishly wearing white knitted socks with summer ballet flats. shhh...! just between us :P
but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do...
in this case to get the calmness i really needed.
i also like staring at the night sky but it was way too cold for that!
is there any place you go to relax and just lay back?
what is your paradise like?

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and the stork finally came...

just yesterday i was so happy hear,
that some friends welcomed their tiny, baby daughter to this world!
i can't wait to see her...
of course the card had to be hand-made...
as for the gift, here are some of the things i have in mind:
gum peonies found on cake journal
a soft, colorful, cloud mobile toy by smallable
e.e. cummings fairy tales...or the poems...so sweet
a large bag to fit baby stuff...that one can carry on later as well
a bunny stuffed animal, because they're just so perfect!
or a lovely bouquet of peonies from your nearest florist!

do you have any other gift ideas? i'd love to hear them!
p.s. just to let you know, i finally made my very own etsy shop and will be
putting things on my "shelves" shortly! i'll be sure to let you know :)

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architecture alert! - by idhea

this week i could not help myself and share this amazing project by
czech idhea architectural office.
they were called upon to renovate a 1930's house in terronska, within the bubenec district, prague.
my favorite designboom has a lot of information and pictures about it,
but here is what caught my eye whlie reading about it, and some notes i took!
(i always take notes of inspirational projects and articles - memory booster)
as it is natural for older spaces like this,
the plan is usually tricky, and space saving tricks are crucial.
i admire how they utilized spaces between brick walls for storage, especially with contrasting white and black elements. also the way they tackled the intensely tilted roof  in order to create more space that would otherwise have been wasted, is brilliant! the desk is "extruded" from the roof!
the natural light coming from the skylights, as well as the view,
create a feeling of healthy and happy space connected to the outside. it also softens the industrial brick. of course, the warm, wood material also aids towards that direction.
the traditional roof support system is integrated naturally to the new environment they created
maintaining, in my belief, the traditional element subtly reminding of  this place's history.
the connection between the floors, with the indoor balcony-like structure helps
create a feeling of a larger space.

what do you guys think of it? how old is your house?
make sure to visit the office's website to see more projects!

p.s. pictures found on designboom and notes made digitally :)
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tuesday goody bag

by now, i suppose you've gotten used to my
weekly tuesday window shopping!
this time, i've got it italy - themed. i recently started italian lessons
in order to fulfill my new goal, travel to italy, preferably tuscany!
it's been a dream of mine since always, and especially after watching "under the tuscan sun".
although it's been a dream, it is also a tactic of mine to stay sane when things get unusual
setting longer term, yet feasible goals that is. they give you a reason not to think so much
about problems that might occupy your mind at the moment, and keeps you motivated
i highly recommend it!
a bike like this papillionaire one, definitely with a basket,
this book by douglas geyeton on the slow food movement that originated in italy,
i actually got this one at a thrift shop!
anthropologie, leather sketchbook/journal,
a simple and classic pair of shorts like this aubin & wills,
gelato! i don't think i need to say more on that subject...
a nice straw hat, pachacuti - to protect you from the sun,
and i cannot imagine going without my ricoh, film camera. the pictures have a lovely
filter and hue, i find films a lot more personal and unique.

do you guys have any dreams planned to be fulfilled?


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sweet tooth monday

happy week everyone!
i am back on track and i'll try to sweeten your monday with some easy 
to make, and yet utterly yummy key lime pie.
i made this for our weekend celebration and it came out pretty good judging by
the reactions i got :)
so feel free to print my template and bake this up!
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DIY madness

hey everyone!
i'll be a little m.i.a. for a couple of days because our orthodox easter is coming up!
so here's what i'm up to!

have a lovely time!
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bring out your garlands!

happy wednesday everyone!
here's a sweet tutorial for all of you who like flowers.
you can use the tissue paper you might have saved from shopping sprees
and make a flower garland.
i hung mine from the ceiling to my curtain rod and back, right above my bed!

this is what your flowers will look like:
and because here at s/ch we like to recycle,
we can save the scraps from what we cut off of the tissue paper and...
after you cut it into tiny peices you can shape it into your own paper
by letting it sit in a tray with a mixture of water and atlacol!

tomorrow i'll be making easter sweets with my mum for this weekend!
i can't wait to take pics and share a recipe or two with you. but that will be after 
a few days in order to accompany them with some cute illustrations, because who loves plain?

xoxo lovelies!
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tuesday goody bag

here is some pastel goodness and baking prep for this weeks goody bag!
i am obviously inspired by the fact that i'm planning on making some cute and yummy cupcakes
for my family's celebration...
bone, reading glasses - linda farrow luxe
backing cups for cupcakes in pastel shades to add another dash of prettiness -supermarket
all star's in melon 
a great cookbook can take you a long way inspiration-wise - like lola's one
tea cup resembling spanish tiling <3 - anthropologie
striped, paper straws for your lemonade...found all over the internet!
and last but not least,
this scotch and soda scarf to give a vintage touch to your up-do.

now i gotta run because i've got a date at the museum with a lovely friend and her most adoreable children!


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one of the best things

happy week everyone!
how was your weekend? for those that celebrated easter, or pass over,
i hope you had fun!
at this point i would like to thank my blogger friend hua jing li of
fashionably philosofical for giving me the chance to guest blog on her lovely,
and absolutely stylish blog! you should all drop by and take a peep,
i especially enjoy her videos :)
being in the festive mode and surrounded by easter treats,
i thought i might make a tribute to one of the best things in the world...
our local markets are gold mines. find yours here
you can find tastey and healthy goods while assisting your local economy!
taste is a great gift.
trying new flavors, or enjoying old ones i beleive, is an experience each time.
good food can not only satisfy us and keep us healthy,
it can uplift our spirits. like a good cup of coffee for instance...during those long afternoons while catching up with friends, or sitting around reading.
have you noticed how, usually in small villages people treat food like a ritual?
their products go from production to cooking...how yum is that?

trying new flavors is so exciting and fun!
you get to know a lot about a place through its cuisine...do you have any favorite cuisines?
my next goal is to raise enough money to travel to italy,
to eat, sketch and photograph! until then i'll just stick to learning the language...
my point is that food is fun! it's colorful, smelly, and intruiging to the senses...
enjoy it!

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