lovelies what will you be doing this weekend?
will you be celebrating the arrival of summer?
whatever you're up to, i hope you'll have fun :)

here are some ideas:
-have a picnic in your favorite park or other area
-go for coffee with a friend you haven't seen at a unique café
-grocery shopping at your local market, find yours here
-go to an outdoor concert
-eat italian, where else? little italy!

i'll be sure to come back with more pictures to share with you!

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my desk is my workshop,
and i always have a need to pin things that inspire me, or things i need to do.
although i have no issue in using my walls, as you've all seen before.
when it comes to my desk, i prefer pin boards.
so here is my latest one and some tips on how you can make it too!
you'll need:
-a piece of cardboard as wide as your desk
-oil pastels
-a black marker
-a pattern you like
after you draw, or trace your designs on the carboard,
outline them with the black marker,
and fill them in with oil pastels that are great for mixing colors on cardboard creating the illusion of depth and shades.
feel free to use this tulip and cherry blossom template.

do you use pin boards?
p.s. here are some new items in my shop, and i'll be adding some more during the week!

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otherwise known as hump day,
wednesdays are a pretty tough day, yet you're already halfway through the week!
so, i thought it would be fun to share some quotes and brighten our day.
last night as i was wondering what quotes i wanted to share with you,
but then all of a sudden i heard thunder and there it was...
i really do,
it's so easy to get grumpy when the weather is bad, and it's reasonable too,
but think about it, isn't it so much better to smile it off?
i have that issue, however, it's true.of  course i look a lot more like monica from the barbados episode than alfalfa, ha!
and of course,
who can underestimate the all time classic hollywood tradition...

xoxo lovelies!
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hello everyone,
back from the weekend and back to work.
but since it's tuesday, i'll stick to our tradition and give you a peep into my
tuesday goody bag. only this time, i have something extra special for you.
having gone upstate,
it was inevitable that antiquing would be in our program.
so here are some adoreable, and extremely old plush toys!
i found this irresistible,
although a friend insisted it looked quite haunted.
and how about an old, teeny-tiny closet to put the rest of her colonial style dresses?
he even has freckles!
although it is probably obvious, at least to those who know me a bit better,
i wanted all of these, with the old wooden box they were sitting in!
and this wee one was sitting all alone over some honey jars.

did you see anything adorable during your weekend?

xoxo, good to be back :)
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hello everyone,
lately i've been getting more acquainted with shopping online,
but not just shopping, buying things with cause.
here are some my favorite blogs, exibits, shops, and books that help make the world a bit of a better place.

the already famous toms shoes,
slow fashioned - great website with ecological life and style tips
this book on alternative means of transportation
ties with tradition is an exhibition and collection of traditional macedonian aprons
keeping the ties with history alive
and these awesome handmade paper beads, supporting women in africa
out of print - lovely, geeky products that donate books
to the ones that don't have access to them
write an anonymous love letter to make someone's day - i'm extremely enthusiastic
about this project!
and get more in touch with the moving history of leprosy in greece with this lovely book.
i will now leave you, to go eat because i might literally faint,
with a song:

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this week i have a special architecture alert for all of you.
it's interior design again, but this time from a good family and blogger friend!
christina, author of no.29 design posts fantastic ideas for interior design lovers.
in the collage you can see only a few of her ideas and crafts,
i couldn't just pick one to show you, since i like all of them for different reasons each.
what i like the most is that she posts creations you can make with a few simple 
things and come up with a lovely and really stylish result.
some of my favorites pictured above were the napkin pillows, the wall stencil, the shelf backround and the floral painting.
in christina's blog you can also get ideas and tips on patterns, since she uses them often and quite professionally, we all know how tricky patterns can get!

take a peep and let us know which were your favorite ideas!

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this week i'm pretty sure we're all looking forward to memorial day
and the whole weekend for that matter.
so, accordingly, here's tuesday's goody bag, with some weekend attire ideas!
 fluo, yet geometrically printed tops
ballet flats that can take you anywhere...from morning to evening,
shorts and denim,
straw bags,
hoops and bangles
and of course a hat and sunscreen!

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happy week everyone!
last thursday, we all went to a diner in my area to celebrate a birthday.
it was like walking into a time machine! don't you love those?
i finally found my match by the way, who loves chicken,
so we ordered two different delish dishes and shared them, while playing music on the juke box!
i love looking at all the vintage signs and pictures on the walls...
they even had the "grease" style, glitter, rubber chairs!
sorry for the peeping foot, it was an accident :P
the best news of all,
was that this diner appeared on "the goodfellas"! for anyone that hasn't seen it, do, it's a great film, but i warn you, it's pretty darn scary.
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i am so beat i could not write anything more than these two pictures can say.
so, happy weekend my lovelies!
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a round architecture alert!

have you ever wondered about shapes?
why some buildings you happen to admire follow certain forms and patterns
rather than others?
what i really enjoyed reading about was the circle. in antiquity, it had very interesting meanings
and was usually used to imply a connection with with hades or the "after life".
here are two drafts explaining the circle and its history
in ancient greece and rome.
of course it is extremely interesting to go even deeper, and read about the columns,
the building's connections to the round sun, the very source of light and life.
in ancient rome, circles evolved into arcs and domes,
creating even more mystical references. games with the light, like in the pantheon, leading
the eye towards the divine skies, guides to philosophical thought and contemplation.

have you ever wondered about a shape?

p.s. you are more than welcome to visit my etsy shop here :)
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a wednesday treat!

happy mid-week!
lately, a lot of birthdays have been occurring,
and i got my design but out again :)
here are some templates you are more than welcome to use!
the first two designs are meant to be placed on straws and tooth picks.
they are banners and flags!
the third design is to seal the party favor bags and last but not least,
the three large circles anre to be printed as many times as you like and tied with string
for you to make a lovely and festive garland!

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blue tuesday goody bag!

happy tuesday!
thank you all for the sweet wishes! it means a great deal :)
today i'm in the mood for some blue...
so let's check out the goody bag!
you can find a lot of blue goodies like the ones above here,
here, here and here.
blue has always been a favorite color,
ever since i was a piccolo girl!
maybe that's one of the things that draw me to the ocean so much.


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monday images

happy week!
i'm going to start this one with some pretty pictures,
just to make this monday a bit merrier, blog-wise at least.
from "under the tuscan sun".
isn't it so true though? the ideas you fear the most, sometimes end up to be the best things that ever happened in your life.
this picture by vincent laforet, reminds me of how beautiful everyday life can really be,
regardless worries.
i believe this with all my heart.
and remember, you can always have a lovely ice cream scone (like these ones from always hungry), or attack the ben&jerry's bowl in your freezer!

xoxo lovelies
and wish me luck, first day at work :)
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happy friday lovelies!
before i start,
i'd like to thank heel in mint for awarding me with this lovely award!

thank you so, so much :)
here are some things about me...and i pass this versatile award to:

simone of fashionable rose, the brit greekcatherine of cashmere lover, pop champagne, , julien hakym of sonnets unrealities XIchanel after coco giovanna of olive and arrow , new blogger friend shopping therapy, shoko of sho&tell, megan joy of aussie blue, dale janeé of savvy space, nicolette of l for lazarus, and   blue moss !
now for the long delayed fashion post...
here at s/ch we're a fan of classic, but quircky is always lovely and intruiging!
stripes and the nautical style are always a beautiful and classic choice for summer,
however, lately stripes have risen to a whole new level, they've become part of a geometrical game!
take a look...
on shorts while mixing colors,
on dresses while playing with dimensions,
vertical and in various distances on airy tops,
on shoes, following patterns,
colors, patterns and dimensions on clutches,
sunglasses, watches, and brooches
but then,
there are also awesome, striped reads, both metaphorically and literally!
this children's book i've been meaning to read, it's received great reviews,
"simply pattern" - a book on graphic designs and patterns made by hand,
"treasure island" and "the panda theory" from penguin books, i really admire the geometrical designs on their covers, lastly this "moby dick" tote to carry all these lovely books around with quirky style!

do you have any favorite patterns? or like to experiment with them?

xoxo & bon weekend!
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preps and ideas*

hello everyone?
what are your plans for this sunday?
i'll be going for a brunch. so here are my ideas just in case you need some ideas!
we'll be using mason jars,
ribbons, string, glue, thread and...lemons!
i made little paper tags for all the goodies i put in the sewing jar.
as for its top - here's a more detailed tutorial.
in the small jar i put some homemade citrus body scrub.
i mixed 2 slices of orange, 1 slice of lemon, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4 cup olive oil and...
1 tsp vanilla extract!
i also made postcard-like cards. for those all you need is to pick a graphic design (eg. zig-zag)
and a phrase you love.
for my mum i also made this notebook,
because she has nowhere to take notes and remember things.
naturally i wouldn't be posting these, but luckily i know she won't be logging on this week.
now, you may be wondering what the little banners are...
they'll be my cupcake decorations! interested? here's how to make these:
easy peasy.

this mother's day, i wanted to be extra special, because mum has been through some very difficult family problems, and it's even more important for me to let her know, that no matter what or who, she's irreplaceable.

xoxo lovelies!
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a trip...not so far away

yesterday we took a small trip to a nearby zoo in bayside.
it was really early so they mostly had all the farm animals but i fell in love with the place!
the whole place worked as a farm,
they had a special space where they plant veggies and flowers...

they also had a little vine yard, and a greenhouse where they grew flowers and sold them
at the gift shop with honey and other organic goodies.
and you should know i love gift shops!
also, i really loved this guy!
and these cuties:

and by the time i got home,
here's a picture of getting things ready to be sent out!
fossil necklaces!

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tuesday goody bag*

what are you getting for mum?
this coming sunday is one of my favorite celebrations.
mother's day!
here are some gift ideas for a most beloved figure...
a wallet, because usually mum's tend to stick with the same one for ages!
patterned paper from the scrapbook lounge to make her your very own collage-card!
i love making my mum things :)
a lovely pair of classic earrings, like this marc jacobs one.
her favorite flowers.
make her a citrus scrub with this diy, and put it in a lovely mason jar with a ribbon.
or get her a journal where she can write all the important,
or random things she wants. or even better?
get a plain one and paint it or glue it yourself!
or maybe something from my shop :)

what are you getting mum? do you have any traditions for this day?


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