this weekend...
this is all i have to say:
i plan to give myself a break and soak it up while studying a bit!
here are some of my favorite bath products, that i'm sure you will enjoy too:
- delicious smelling bubble baths from philosophy
- st. ives apricot scrub
- cynthia rowley green tea body butter is my favorite although all of them smell and feel lovely
- and a perfect, home made oatmeal mask for the face!
  after i exfoliate my face i apply this mask ( i ommit the lemon though) for 15 minutes  
  and my skin feels soft as velvet and my pores are a lot cleaner!
here is an article from refinery 29 about food solutions to beauty issues. no need for medication.

hope you enjoy your weekend! let me know what you're up to :)

bubbly lady via life



now that it is officially summer,
and we can say it with a great big smile on our dimpled (or not) cheeks,
i have prepared some quotes that will fill your day with sunshine!
even more for that matter, since i am assuming sun is the master of the weather now pretty much everywhere,
even if it is a bit more tropical like in ny the past few days.

stating the profound...



when the weather gets warmer and warmer,
and as summer activities start to flourish, our need to go outdoors grows larger by the day.
barbeque's, outdoor movie projections, garden parties, picnics...
so many fun things. if you already have a space,
whether it is a balcony, a patio, a back yard or even a flat roof, there are things you can do
to spruce it up and make it more comfy!
- when you start organizing your space, the more geometrical, i beleive,
the more modern the result...



this tuesday i'm in the mood to continue my color-therapy.
however my mind is also occupied by the thought of my friend, who will be having 
her first trips as a stewardess within the next two weeks!
i am so happy and proud of her, images of different airports and destinations fly by my mind
alongside with her face. so here is this tuesday's goody bag,
full of color and travelling essentials.
i actually bought and tried this lovely blue shade from loréal, and i assure you it looks just as good as in the picture...



happy week everyone!
i'm going to start this laconically,
with a picture of an old classic that for some reason portrays my attitude toward monday today!

do you know what time it is? 

a watch doesn't really go with this outfit, daddy. 

random, in constant need of coffee, and like the cure song "friday i'm in love".




hello again!
i know it's been a few days since my last post,
but this week got a little out of hand, plus, i wasn't feeling all that well,
and the heat wave was certainly not helping!
i am back and full of plans for the weekend as well as curiosity for yours!
naturally, i have started studying again,
but it's a bit hard when all you want to do is cool and lay down somewhere!
this weekend i'm looking forward to iced tea 
and generally anything with ice in it, to sip on while i'm concentrating.
i've got a book to finish, until now, it has been proven to be remarkable. for anyone that is looking for something inspirational to read, it is the autobiography of helen keller "the story of my life".
also, i just finished "the name of the rose" by umberto eco (one of my most favorite philosopher and novelists). this book is a fascinating story about a series of crimes commited within a monastery in the times of the inquisition.
since we're talking about reading, i am planning on catching up with this and this blogs
which i recently came across and find very interesting concerning subjects of everyday life.
lastly, i think i'm going to give origami a try,
since a great friend gave me some origami paper...otherwise it's going to go for an alternative use!

what are you all up to? i'd love to hear your plans!




i hope your week started out nicely!
my mind i think is still stuck in vacation mood,
meaning i still have this repressed need to flee someplace and just calm. down.
so this week's goody bag matches that mood,
i hope you all don't mind!
other than reading some books with ideas on outdoor design like
this one i've been talking maybe too much of, and this one...
wrap a fun scarf on your head,
put on your cat eye glasses, and a bright lipstick,
a lovely frilly or pleated skirt in summery colors,
a playful watch and eat some yummy macarons outdoors,
where you can enjoy the sun, the breeze and the people passing by.




and yes,
i made it to little italy this weekend with my mum!
it was absolutely lovely and just as i had promised,
i will share the experience with you!
the atmosphere was comfortably european, i even got nostalgic to be completely honest with you.
there were some very lovely buildings,
the ones in red stood out the most of course.
you could find some really interesting things to shop too!
like these necklaces, i really wonder what that material is called.

i found the statues really entertaining! they were outside some restaurants for decoration.
they really added to the tourist-y atmosphere!
of course, since we were there, we had to have italian food.
so we sat at the "piccolo buffalo" and let me tell you this...
i think we left at least a couple pounds heavier, each!
the dessert in the end was absolutely worth it, although i had a feeling i was about to explode.
i had never had cannoli before, and this one was extremely tastey!
i highly reccomend this place if you're ever in the area!
that is all for now!
i hope you enjoyed the "walk"!




hello lovelies!
the weekend is almost here! what ideas and plans do you have?
other than getting things mailed, study, and maybe visiting little italy this sunday,
i have a few things in mind...
since the weather is said to be very nice this weekend,
i'm thinking outdoors.
i am already daydreaming of putting on a fun sundress,
buying some flowers from a cute florist (you can find your local one here),
i'm really hoping to try some italian food,
and also buy another great book, like this "new york rooftops".
or gawk at the ones in this article ;)
and speeking of rooftops, i envy anyone with a flat roof! you can host a dinner party or take a "picnic"!

whatever you're up to have fun!




yesterday was a dreary, rainy day in ny.
rainy weather is exactly the kind of weather that makes you want
to sit around somwhere and someone cozy... or at least that's what it does to me!
so i give you some of my favorite quotes on, what else?
this one always makes me smile.

which contradicts the point made above, but i know a few who would sympathize with this.
i hope i sweetened your day a bit :)




this tuesday,
i shall continue the chromatotherapy i started last week when i contemplated pink,
with neon.
contemplation stopped of course, with my buying not one,
but two bright pink shirts. for whoever that knows me, that is close to a miracle.
so...to the point!
how about some colorful pants, or shorts? or both?
this bauhaus book is really good, i tell you this from personal experience.
it's sitting on my shelf winking at me right now actually, i might do some revision.
and then again,
a fruity and colorful bubble bath splash is pretty tempting as well.
i also liked these fun and bright ballet flats,
and a pretty belt in a bright color can make a minimal outfit really pop.
but best of all,
is to get an ice cream cone and top it in rainbow sprinkles! yup!

what's your current color obsession?




happy week everyone!
for me this is looking like a rather busy one as i am amidst work, a project, studying
and blogging! but now that i've mentioned it, the project is a surprise.
you'll be finding out about it soon, so stay tuned because i'll be posting peeps!
but for now,
i'll share a great and healthy breakfast recipe with you,
so you can start your week nice and sweet!
these are perfect for breakfast!
what do you like having for breakfast?




hello lovelies!
our beloved and popular friday has arrived!
do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
here are some ideas i have in mind:
- have a lovely morning with cookies and milk (more likely coffee),
very healthy and nutritious don't you agree?
- read the paper and peep through a mag while i'm at it.
- if the weather is good and sunny, some shopping around the area...
- also, some DIY sounds highly likely, especially since i have a project coming up soon,
but that my dears is a surprise!
- a nice and sweet smelling bubble bath with soaps that make you travel...
- wear something bright pink and some funny shoes like these!
- and if the weather isn't that tempting, either grab your umbrella and head out anyway,
or catch an old favorite movie with a few friends and laugh it off!

have a lovely time,



i've become a bit of a sweet tooth lately,
have no idea why (and i've got some recipes i tried that i want to share with you in future posts)
but anyway,
this has led me to visit many a cute and lovely pastry shops.
like martha's country bakery, where i ate the most amazing cranberry pound cake.
and couldn't get my eyes off the cupcakes!
but there was also this fantastic old candy shop in rhinebeck, samuel's,
that had all these vintage sweet recipes and grapefruit juice.
you could also sit at their vintage little tables and chairs...
where they had an old gum ball machine too!

xoxo lovelies!



truth of the story is that we all need to have a little fun.
in fact i personally beleive that we should actually spend time playing,
but fun in general is a great remedy.
and here are some who agree:

so bring out your rollerblades
and when you're just too tired, like i am right now...



this tuesday i'm in the mood for some play.
playing is good for us, even the wisest people have admited it!
so here's what is in my playful goody bag this week...
a vespa!
preferably with a handsom lad driving with you like in roman holiday. heehee!
some colorful bangles,
another cute tote,
cool and girlie shades,
coconut cupcakes from tastey kitchen's recipe,
this hilarious cup,
i've been wanting to get my hands on ines' book for a while now,
but i also love checking her "beautiful in cannes" video
and this adorable cat ring :)

i also want a party hat, especially those princess ones to wear around the house,
but let's just keep that between us! haha

xoxo lovelies!



happy week!
now it's monday, and we've probably all gone back to "to-do" lists,
so i thought i'd share a more fun one with you to brighten your monday!
ever since i moved back to ny,
after such a long time, i've been wanting to do so many things here. i always liked discovering my city's secrets and fun spots, devouring its essence to the fullest. i think that is why i have a special memory space in my head where all the great stuff of every place i have ever been to is (kind of like a moving-living tourist guide)
anyway, this led me to create 
a sort of list of all those things.
every time i look at it, it makes me smile. i illustrated it just for you:
i want to...
- visit as many art museums as possible,
the met and the guggenheim because of the building especially.
-picnic in central park
-gallery hopping in chelsea and soho
-eat (of course) at little italy, and go to the san gennaro feast!
-look at the view from the very lowest part of manhattan
-go to an irish pub already
and a bunch of other stuff.

every time i'll be doing one of these things, i'll be taking pictures and sharing it with you (like i did with antiquing in the fabric district), because it's all much more fun that way!

where do you live? do you like discovering your cities? let me know what your favorite activities are!