i am still in the mood for sleep.
thank goodness i suppose, that next week my office hours will be a little fewer.
not my homework, but still.
and speaking of homework. i don't know how normal my levels of worry are,
but i feel utterly puzzled and overwhelmed by the process of looking for graduate studies.
has any of you readers gone through that?
i'd be extremely grateful for any tips, from how you coped, to how to chill out.
although i must say i've calmed down a great deal thanks to a lovely new friend.
to continue with our initial post, here are two lullabies that i love,
one greek and one english.
come, come evening star...



hello again!
i didn't sleep very well sunday night, so monday evening i was already dreaming of stars
and morpheus, and socks...and all those cozy things that make sleeping so much more comfy and fun. of course i couldn't help but recall sleepovers.
have you had many of them?
i did not, but the few i did were worth the memories.
so this tuesday's goody bag is devoted to those things exactly,
sleeping and slumber parties.
1. scholten&baijings colorful pillows 2. twining's earl grey tea 3. fine little day wooden tray 4. cutler and gross reading glasses



it was a bit rainy in new york last week,
but it didn't keep me from taking a walk around again, or taking more pictures to share with you. the urban landscape has much different colors and a hue that i cannot resist.
also, because the weather is damp, you are in a hurry, which means the best chance for motion captures.
on the way to party city, to get candles for mum's tiramisu...



what are you up to for this weekend?
mine is still under formation.
i might be meeting up with a new acquaintance,
definitely be spending some quality family time...
i also need to finish some "homework" or in other words research and study.
most importantly though,
i intend to breathe and relax like on this bed.
i don't know about you, but i haven't done that in a really long time.
some tea and milk, a good book and soft music...sound perfect to me.

have a great time whatever you're up to!



last week,
my quote post was a bit melancholic.
so i decided that this week i should tone it up a bit and make you all smile sweetly.
in the collages below, you will see and hear verses of my most favorite love songs!




this week's book club will be more on fashion.
i like history, as you all have probably well understood by now (as in...geek alert no longer alert). so devouring a book on fashion history was inevitable.
therefore i present to you:
these are two books i got together on taschen's 25th anniversary.
generally, i enjoy taschen books. these ones however, i especially liked because
not only are the pictures wonderful and the kyoto collection amazing and so rich in samples, there are close-ups, texts that explain the garment design in every period. you can also read rare and interesting historical details on the construction,
on the meaning of some designs, how a garment changed at a specific time of history,
for example during the french revolution!

what fashion history books have you read or want to read?




this tuesday,
i am not sure about you, but i am in the mood for some introversion.
in a good way though.
so how about some screen shopping, for some intimates?
1. elle mcpherson 2. phillip lim 3. deborah marquit 4. intimissimi 



it's been a really odd week,
and today is friday, i am happy because it's mum's birthday and we're planning a petit surprise.
other than that,
i've been getting attacks of nostalgia...literally.
for my friends, the summers, the walks and talks...
so this weekend i'm probably going to indulge in some of the things i miss!
i might see one of my most favorite old movies of all time -
"miss manager" (δις διευθυντής)
if you ask my friends, they'll all assure you, i know this movie practically by heart.
i recite it as i watch it! but that is not all, i feel the leading actress is like an alter ego to me.
girl that focused on studies, is good at what she does but completely clumsy around men,
at least the ones she likes, finding some faux courage through her favorite vodka.
wearing some vintage inspired glasses,
or a sweater that reminds you of good childhood times sound like pretty good ideas!
and of course,
who can do all this without having they're favorite stuffed animal or doll laying around?
not me!

have a wonderful weekend!



hello again!
i was requested by my brit blogger friend, to post more pictures of ny.
how on earth could i have forgotten?
i have left you so long without news! however i haven't been up to much...
until that comment of course.
so let's take a walk through manhattan again, shall we?
we get off at 5th avenue and 23rd street...



mr.umberto eco is one of the people whose books i read with much curiosity and interest.
the way he writes, whether it is a novel, an essay or a treatise, intuiges me.
after all, books are food for thought!
he has a unique sense of irony and humor, 
is a man of knowledge and philosophical thought and this all of course, reflects in his writing.
if i could ever meet some of the writers that i follow,
he is certainly one of them.
this book i bought before i left greece, to read on my trip to here.
it is a collection of essays drawn from experiences of the author's life.
it has a humorous tone and subtle (or not so much) irony, with which he tolerates and narrates various incidents in life to the readers.
i find the contents interesting as it is a different outlook on life, through the eyes and experience of an influential philosopher and novelist.
since i have read many of his books i will definitely be sharing more with you :)

have you ever read this book? what do you think of it? 
do you read any philosopher's books




how about today we get a little graphic?
literally speaking, that is.
we can add a small accessory, like this monsieur brooch from asos...



i realize that most weeks,
i like to post to you quotes that either make us smile,
or inspire us. this week, i felt the need to post a poem by k.p. kavafis.
mr kavafis was a great, greek poet.
one of my favorite pieces is the one below.
once you take the road to ithaka,
wish for it to be long,



internet is back in time for me to wish you a happy weekend!
what will you all be doing?
maybe a little daydreaming,
of wonderful places like waiotapu thermal reserve-amazing picture is by lenkiong-
look at the world through a more colorful lense,
and adjust your mood to it,
wear it inside and out.
maybe even bake it with these woopie pies - by the cody kitchen .
or just sit in the sun and take everything in.

whatever you do, live it to its fullest.


(girl in the picture here)



this wednesday,
i decided to surprise you with a summery and slightly boho diy!
you know all the little things that always lay around,
on our desks... or any flat surfaces for that matter?
little accessories like rings and earrings, loose coins, cards, tiny notes...
here is what i did to keep them organized, or at least grouped, in style.
i bought a coconut from the supermarket, to try it out, but mostly because i wanted to make coconut bowls!



in the kitchen area!
since last monday i did a recipe post,
and since i was requested, much to my delight, to write about books,
i thought what better way to start this week than to write about food books?
this is a great book for anyone that likes trying new flavors...



have a lovely weekend everyone!
do you have any specific plans? i'd love to hear about them,
maybe give me some ideas,
because this time all i'm in the mood for is

no, not dance.
ok maybe dance a little if someone would offer hehe!
to sit and just re-lax!
unload my poor mind while i sip on something refreshing and 
read another book. speaking of which i highly recommend this one for anyone that likes to read about architecture as if it were an old story recited. it's like reading a documentary in a rather laid back tone.

and now that i think of it,
maybe i should start a little book review thing, like a mini book club with so many of them that i've been reading lately. let me know if you're interested :)

have fun! xoxo



after my theoretical thesis on japanese architecture and nature,
i developed a certain curiosity on glass, translucency and hidden or not so hidden meanings its use may convey.
i am not going to lecture or get as deep as my geeky side would really want to (i can go on for hours) but i thought i might share some thrilling architectural examples 
and thoughts on the use of glass that has remained quite popular througout the years!
my first examples are from an architect i have always admired,
mr. mies van der rohe.
i refer to him as the impersonated, epitome of minimalism.
is use of glass is just one of the things that thrill me about his work. however,
clear surfaces, exposing the dwellings of the interior completely to people passing by
is a characteristic that even today remains brave and bold. also,



happy 4th of july!
and also, happy birthday nina!
tomorrow you can expect awesome buildings that went down to history 
and i bought noodle tube beads, let's try ourselves a fashionable diy, no?



hello lovelies!
this tuesday i have a special treat...
big, small, colorful or not, patterned and plain, classic and modern.
aren't these new chloé, peanuts inspired bags adorable?
and how about...



do you know that expression "i'm starting monday"?
of course. we all do. and it is usually quite universally applied 
for work, diet, excersize...
but then when monday finally comes you kind of, sort of, want that treat 
to sweeten the day up,
and you kind of, sort of feel too tired to really go running around the block.
well, i can help you treat - wise with this awesome recipe i have done many times,
very low in sugar and fats, healthy and really yummy!
feel free to print this out to make it easier for you to reference back,
and it is really so easy to make, it takes more time to bake than actually put it together!

and one more note, check out my fantastic new sponsor to your right,
madpaw love is a fantastic etsy shop, i'm sure you will love both her blog and shop!