i wish you all a lovely day today and 
the happiest new year!
may 2013 bring you health and smiles!

i look forward to seeing and speaking with you all here at s/ch in the new year,
with fresh ideas, new crafts and many more fun things!

xoxo to you all lovelies!



hello there!
now that i am a little bit off duty, and managed to catch myself another cold,
i will take you on a little walk through my favorite windows on 5th ave!
bundle up! it's quite cold in new york these days.
i am in awe with bergdorf and goodman windows this year.
their burlesque, somewhat 1920's fairy tale like style is captivating!
and as if the static ones were not enough,
here is a moving one...



in greece,
gifts were given on new years which is the day of celebrating st. Basil.
when choosing them i always liked to think about the person's personality,
nevertheless, my favorite gift to give was, what else?
a book!
when you walk into a library, or a petit bookshop,
you cannot help but agree that...



first of all thank you all for your remarkably sweet and darling wishes for Christmas!
i would like to reciprocate with some sweet words from around the world.
i will be honest with you, 
new year's resolutions don't really work for me - the kind like "i will work out more" or "drink more water" or "wash off your poudre before bed"...ain't gonna happen
so i will share with you the other kind...the kind that makes more sense to me.
it is life's true intrigue. that little word, "possibility", contains your life's entire story,
the unwritten one that you yourself are waiting to read. indulge.
while you are at it here is something to keep in mind...



merry Christmas to all!
i wish you the happiest and dreamiest holidays,
may you always be creative and smiling!
thank you all for visiting, for your lovely comments and blog - friendships,
keep in touch so we can share even more memories, experiences and creative ideas!

here is a song for you.




one day before Christmas, i want to share with you...
i mentioned it in a previous post and so now i'm going to share my version with you (i always end up having my own version of everything)
here is what you will need:



this friday, and just before i quite literally pass out on my bed,
i have prepared a little surprise for you!
i went for a bit of window shopping, to seek out the famous new york Christmas windows
and bring you some of my favorite, although i'm planning on getting more because today it rained on my parade just a bit!
prada - shiny and white,
couldn't help but gawk a little, but take a look at the
juicy couture window,
bright, busy and colorful. it looks like they moved a holiday party right behind the glass.
of course, i couldn't help but snap a quick shot of bergdorf & goodman...



it's a wednesday today,
and i felt it would be a lovely day to share some words with you.
in this article you will find three simple phrases from three major people about Christmas,
and what it truly means to me.
from one of my most favorite authors of all time...
following is



during the holidays, i love to play dress-up!
well... more than when it is not the holidays at least. it is easier and more acceptable to get a little over the top by channelling your inner royalty.
just a tad of glitter, something a bit more shiny, perhaps larger than usual around your neck, over your lovely minimal, black or red dress...
let's go looking for statement necklaces shall we?

generally, i go for gold and...



hello there!
new week today, and my mind is on treats!
i wanted to start this week by sharing some of my favorite things about the holidays
and ask you to share yours too, making this monday a bit sweeter than usual.
this time of year has the best smells. cinnammon, cloves with
orange peel, allspice and ginger...



hello there!
i have neglected you a bit this week, (naughty me)
but deadlines have been piling up...literally...and non-stop. didn't think applications were that stressfull, apart from the worry you get because you dream of it, i'm speaking of all the rest.
thankfully, things have gotten just a tad more normal and that can mean film night friday!
it's the holidays now, and i haven't really gotten a good taste of them.
what better way than getting cozy with friends, chocolate treats and film traditions?
but tell me...what are your favorite films for this period?
i had this great tradition every Christmas break...



i like decorating vintage, although you've probably all noticed that by now!
well, i came upon an old collection of vintage santa images my mum had stacked in a suitcase.
i kept looking at them and thinking they would make such lovely decorations.
well, here is an idea i'd like to share with you...
here is what to do....



goodmorning everyone!
it is one crazy monday i'll tell you that. picture a petite, blond swirl of curls dashing around clad in grey and black. there is literally too many things to do and too little time don't you agree? i much prefer a version where the day is stretched out for a good five more hours and it would help a lot if it didn't get dark from four in the evening, haha!
however, continuing in friday's path, life is beautiful so let's just blow off the dizziness by admiring some intense patterns like this one:

or remember when we were little, if we'd get hooked at a bright, tricky image
we would stare at it so long that...



how has your week been so far?
i know it is friday today, so i've decided to leave you with some thoughts.
i don't know why, but i got rediculously romantic yesterday (perhaps it was the fatigue) but it got me thinking about life and world.
it is true that how we view it pertains to our mental state. in simple words, you see what you train your mind to see.
so...what if we start seeing the worlds true colors, regardless of our worries, sorrows or thoughts?
we would be so overwhelmed by the imensity of beauty, enough to forget all else as mere trivia.
what if we remember for a moment when we were children and...



i have a surprise for you.
now that it is the holidays, and i have gotten quite in the mood,
we will have a lot of crafting around s/ch!
last week i started preparing my cards, because you see i have many to send cross-atlantic and therefore need quite some time. i thought you might like some inspiration as making and writing cards is so thoughtful and romantic.
this is a very simple idea,
click on to see what you will need and how-to instructions...



is here this week,
yet still in "get well soon" mood, with a touch of holiday season cheer.
what say you we do our weekly window shopping this lovely tuesday?
when the holidays approach, the house becomes so much more cozy,
and as work advances, it feels like the warmth of a nice hug, so...



when the holiday season begins, i like to read fairy tales,
and some days are always dedicated to "1001 nights".
there is something in their mystery, exoctic descriptions and moral lessons that make fairy tales perfect for this season. this is why my decorations usually follow their aesthetic pattern.
so today, i have a treat for you all!

camels are not only a favorite in scheherazade's tales,
but also, they were the means of travel for the three wise men.
so what should you do?