happy week to everyone!
as i mentioned on friday i have a few surprises for you this week, starting with our monday.
i also mentioned the expression soul cooking. well - soul food is a type of cuisine originated from western africa. as history took it's course starting from african slavery, europe and america also adapted it to their lifestyles and truly marvellous results have occured.
as i personally understand it, it is a way of cooking by combining ingredients with your soul. you take what you have and combine it poetically, like in a work of art. to me it is easier to parallelize it to impressionim, like monet's paintings. it seems blurry and disorganized at first but after you try the result it is a perfect balance of fragrance, flavor and color.
as i am not really good at explaining things that have to do with the kitchen (unless they are recipes) you might be interested in the movie "soul kitchen" that came out in 2010. it is a fascinatingly interesting movie about a young man who owns a restaurant that cooks soul food in germany.

however, this is not just it. i came home last wednesday but was too exhausted to stick to any recipe, so i attempted to cook by intuition, and that went on until friday night. as everything came out splendidly delish, i would love to share it with you all!
on wednesday i prepared:
you need a box of penne, the small kind which you will cook with some salt and olive oil.
in a medium sauce pan, cook one shredded skillet of fresh garlic with two tablespoons olive oil until golden,
quickly add one large tomatoe and half sweet, red pepper diced with half a glass of water,
add salt and pepper to taste, also some paprika
shred about a centimeter and a half of fresh ginger and zest of one lemon,
when the veggies start to look tender and saucy add the tuna and stir.
let it sit on medium fire and then mix it all up with the pasta.
serve with grated parmesanne cheese!
for thursday...
when i was utterly beat and needed some vitamin c and something quick to ease the hunger i made:
cut three medium sweet potatoes.
mix them with salt,
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper which is spicy yet sweet,
some paprika, freshly grated pepper, mustard powder 
and a teaspoon of olive oil to get them to stick evenly to the potatoes.
fry them in a pan and serve with cheese immediately - so yummy, savoury and sweet!
of course i couldn't go without dessert right? well, that is even quicker.
two spoonfulls of coffee ice cream,
a handfull of blueberries and chocolate sprinkles...
interesting book or mag optional - but it makes it even more enjoyable!

bon app├ętit!


Maria said...

I saw that movie. it is a little weird but interesting, plus the guy keeps getting in souch trouble ugh! Yummy fries too!

Tiffany said...

i like odd movies!

Panna Paris said...

its look very tasty :) yummy :)

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