have you seen "eat, pray, love" ?
the images in that film were utterly inspiring. oh how cinema, through the words of a book, portrays cities in the most mesmerizing and enchanting way.
that movie made me want to pack and leave. instantly.
alas, that senario is something i must leave for later on, but the inspiration is definitely something we can keep and enjoy. re-watching the film, and leafing through some interesting photoshoots in chinese forests i came up with something i would really love to share with you. something you can all make!
click on for the easy peasy, and very stylish, on the brink of spring tutorial...
first gather all the material below, it doesn't have to be the same just follow the wood- glass- metal pattern.
double thread them and tie to an ear piece and voilá!

xoxo lovelies!


Maria said...

I loved that movie! I wish I could ho to Italy and learn Italian like that!
Did you double thread the earrings? Because tgere is no knot at the tassel..

Tiffany said...

yes! the tassel is tied in the loop as you double the thread!