handmade objects have a certain allure to them.
perhaps it is because you know someone created it with their hands,
and exactly for that reason it carries so much character and style - it is personal.
what really attracts my attention lately is geometry and natural material, like cotton or copper.
take a look...
when it comes to personal accessories, i really like natural stones with geometric copper tubes and beads. i also use a lot of rope and thread lately, but i will show you more about that tomorrow.
for the home, and as the weather will start to grow warmer, i like to switch to lighter rugs like the one above, made with organic cotton.
it is also fun to spruce things up with some more art. i was stunned by anne ten donkelaar's work, especially her "flower constructions" wich are collages, or as it was more precisely put "poetry" with pressed flowers and roots. it is amazing how the whole construction seems as delicate as the flower itself, which though being confined to a 2d surface are interestingly deep and three dimensional as they protrude from the canvas.

do you have any special preferences lately?


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