sorry i've been mia lately but it will all make sense on monday.
stay tuned for a fairy tale in soho. however, and now that i've sneezed and taken the thermometer off...again, i would like to wish you a warm and artsy weekend!
this week in ny we have the independent and the armory shows!
they are two major art shows. personally i'm going to the first where over 40 international galleries and institutions will be exhibiting. hopefully i won't lose my phone again, like today, and take a lot of pictures to share with you! it is so exciting tobe in the middle of a mini-world of art.

here is a song to keep you happy especially if like here, the weather is teasing you and,
some inspirational words in a jolly, bright pink in case you don't notice the image enough.
also, here is a gourmet treat i've been wanting to try. do you like veggies?

what do you have in mind for the weekend?
and don't forget we have a story on monday!



Brooklyn Grace said...

very nice post!!!kisses

Beauty Follower said...

Το τσικνισές χτες?
Εχει πολυ τεχνη αυτη την περιοδο το προγραμμα σου βλεπω.
ΠΟλυ νοστιμη η συνταγη που προτεινεις.
Χμ το σκ θα παω για χορό το βραδυ... και την κυριακη θα ξεκουραζω τα ποδαρακια μου :)

A BRIT GREEK said...

Hope you're enjoying the weekend Tiffany!
I've had a busy week and weekend so chilling today as it's Mother's Day in the UK!

Tiffany said...

thank you!
yes a lot of art lately. umm tsiknisa sto spiti giati eixe para poli krio kai xioni. kalo xoro!
i rested during the weekend thanks! happy mommy's day!