i miss spring. period.
warm rays of sun, cool breezes, longer days, more sunlight and that buzzing lively feeling that comes with it all.
amidst the threats of yet another snow fall, i want to dream of spring with you.
the only problem with shopping much before a season really kicks in is that i have this naughty habbit. i like to use it as soon as possible. do you have that?
well, anyway, no harm in window shopping. ehem. sure.
in the springtime i like to take especially long walks. the ones in the city are always immensely fun (pretty much regardless of the weather), but when it is spring i like to take any chances offered of going upstate and walking around quaint villages and adorable cottages, and yes, collecting flowers too.

you know, pressing flowers for a week in a heavy book makes perfect material for collages to put in shadow box frames! just add a few black &white photograph cut-outs and pins with a colorful head and voilá. we should do a tutorial sometime.

my choices in colors don't change with the season. while it gets a little brighter, i still like to play with some black or natural shades. clorful shoes are a lot of fun and definitely mood-lifters. but there is nothing like wearing your swimsuit, clenching your teeth and taking that dive in the lake. it's bloody cold, but utterly worth it.

what do you like about spring?do you have any preferred activities?



Street Fashion Paris said...

Lovely post!!! I love it!!!

Panna Paris said...

top is very cute :)

Heel in Mint said...

Very cute set!! I love the prints on the swimsuit and the top. We had a blizzard warning today and the schools were closed so I can so relate to how you feel. :)

Heel in Mint

Beauty Follower said...

Ακομη δεν εχω χορτασει τον χειμωνα... αλλα το μαγιο ειναι πολυ χαριτωμενο!

Ann said...

Nice items,
love the top
and the swimsuit's prints makes me wish it is summer already.