goodmorning, and happy friday!
today will be a very different weekend post as i am a tad hungover.
yesterday's gallery hopping turned out to be quite the remedy. counting the stress of my menacingly approaching deadline, the work blah, my need for artistic expression and...wine, it all kicked in. it was wonderful.
with a tiny artistic preview,
i salut you this wonderful friday morning (or afternoon depending on where you are) and wish you a wonderful and fullfilling weekend.
enjoy a soft yet funky and upbeat "love is real".
here are some stars for your hair and some words for thought.
don't forget to dream a little of magical places whether they be right around the corner or at amalfi coast in italy.

xoxo lovelies!
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have you seen "eat, pray, love" ?
the images in that film were utterly inspiring. oh how cinema, through the words of a book, portrays cities in the most mesmerizing and enchanting way.
that movie made me want to pack and leave. instantly.
alas, that senario is something i must leave for later on, but the inspiration is definitely something we can keep and enjoy. re-watching the film, and leafing through some interesting photoshoots in chinese forests i came up with something i would really love to share with you. something you can all make!
click on for the easy peasy, and very stylish, on the brink of spring tutorial...
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handmade objects have a certain allure to them.
perhaps it is because you know someone created it with their hands,
and exactly for that reason it carries so much character and style - it is personal.
what really attracts my attention lately is geometry and natural material, like cotton or copper.
take a look...
when it comes to personal accessories, i really like natural stones with geometric copper tubes and beads. i also use a lot of rope and thread lately, but i will show you more about that tomorrow.
for the home, and as the weather will start to grow warmer, i like to switch to lighter rugs like the one above, made with organic cotton.
it is also fun to spruce things up with some more art. i was stunned by anne ten donkelaar's work, especially her "flower constructions" wich are collages, or as it was more precisely put "poetry" with pressed flowers and roots. it is amazing how the whole construction seems as delicate as the flower itself, which though being confined to a 2d surface are interestingly deep and three dimensional as they protrude from the canvas.

do you have any special preferences lately?

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happy week to everyone!
as i mentioned on friday i have a few surprises for you this week, starting with our monday.
i also mentioned the expression soul cooking. well - soul food is a type of cuisine originated from western africa. as history took it's course starting from african slavery, europe and america also adapted it to their lifestyles and truly marvellous results have occured.
as i personally understand it, it is a way of cooking by combining ingredients with your soul. you take what you have and combine it poetically, like in a work of art. to me it is easier to parallelize it to impressionim, like monet's paintings. it seems blurry and disorganized at first but after you try the result it is a perfect balance of fragrance, flavor and color.
as i am not really good at explaining things that have to do with the kitchen (unless they are recipes) you might be interested in the movie "soul kitchen" that came out in 2010. it is a fascinatingly interesting movie about a young man who owns a restaurant that cooks soul food in germany.

however, this is not just it. i came home last wednesday but was too exhausted to stick to any recipe, so i attempted to cook by intuition, and that went on until friday night. as everything came out splendidly delish, i would love to share it with you all!
on wednesday i prepared:
you need a box of penne, the small kind which you will cook with some salt and olive oil.
in a medium sauce pan, cook one shredded skillet of fresh garlic with two tablespoons olive oil until golden,
quickly add one large tomatoe and half sweet, red pepper diced with half a glass of water,
add salt and pepper to taste, also some paprika
shred about a centimeter and a half of fresh ginger and zest of one lemon,
when the veggies start to look tender and saucy add the tuna and stir.
let it sit on medium fire and then mix it all up with the pasta.
serve with grated parmesanne cheese!
for thursday...
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happy friday to all!
i love to discuss weekend ideas here with you starting friday mornings and going all the way to sunday evenings.
this whole week i have been up to some mischeif, the good kind (if there is such) and i have so many things to share with you, but for now i just want to wish you...
apart from finishing work, i have become so enwrapped in reading new books and cooking new things that i can't seem to stop...not that i am trying though, and why would i?
it is so motivating to learn new things, or things about things you already knew,
to taste new flavors and create. you can find incredible inspiration around you.
well, starting from the evening it is officially weekend for me and the perfect time to visit the rubin museum. it is a fantastic place to get to know more about the himalayan culture and even taste himalayan food in the restaurant which much to my enthusiasm is called the "serai"!

but don't assume that attemting to try this exotic cuisine will be an excuse not to cook that "something new". however, i can only give you a hint - soul cooking! that's it.
since we are on a mode to making discoveries, here is a singer i dug up while whatching one of my favorite  cooking shows. it's a lovely song to accompany your lovely weekend mood.

discover versions of your favorite thing about the city you live in like the designer of ny windows, and items from a designer you didn't know of.

do it all wearing your fun shades, in style!

xoxo lovelies!
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thursday today...
before i say anything else check out my guest post on my favorite spring trend for the lovely website "the warehouse project"!
whoever else needs some distraction please raise your hand.
well, anyhow, old movies are a trustworthy distraction, when you can't read a book - like going back to a freindly place. depending on the mood, you pick the genre, like if you are especially bored or sleepy, a good western style, drama film could get you at least to straighten up your spine.
so can images of its actors hanging out together!
elizabeth taylor laughing it out with james dean. well, that sounds...immensely fun! imagine being the guy holding that pole in the background.
on the other hand, if you can't watch a film, surely...
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tuesday is our day for window shopping, let's go shopping for music this time.
what are your favorite songs to listen to lately?
today, i think the day demands some lightheartedness like {4.} to ease off the monday blues. maybe some catchy tunes {3.} to hum along to, or if noone is looking (at work i mean) wiggle your waist to {5.} as well!
as the day is reaching it's peaque and you're getting more excited to go out, or even home i like to listen to a band i hadn't heard of before {2.}, alternating with more well known, feel comfy tunes {1.} and when there is really noone else around, or even preferably in the shower listen to {6.} because it is irresistibly sing-along-able!

i'd love to hear your preferences though! let's exchange songs, shall we?

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happy week everyone!
how was your weekend? it turned out that mine started out pretty swamped but got better later on, as it progressed. nevertheless, as time was a bit more limited and i really needed a rest,  the "cook something new" challenge involved something simple but utterly délicieux!
would you like a peep?
they are quite easy to make really,
but they are for sure the oddest ones i have done so far. but click on for the ingredients!
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a breath away from the weekend, and a long one for that matter.
do you have any special plans?
i hope you get to catch a breath, it is so nice to cut some slack and rest. so, may you have a fun and restful weekend!
i am exceptionally tempted to spend at least one morning drinking a nice cup of coffee,
reading a nice magazine, or people watch from a tiny café in chelsea.
listening to soft, fun music is essential too.
another appealing senario includes red wine, casablanca and fresh french butter biscuits. have you ever had any of those before? i haven't and i'm pretty excited!
and yes, i do eat cookies with my wine occassionally, hee hee!

whatever you are up to, enjoy it with all your heart.

xoxo lovelies
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hello there!
instead of a book review, this week i thought it could be a bit more informal and switch to magazines. to be more honest, i mean food magazines of the month. intruiged?
it is probably pretty obvious by now how much good food and cooking is praised in this blog, especially now with the new "cook at least one new thing every week" project. apart from healthy, cooking is creative, it is productive, sharing it shows love and to me it is a form of therapy. whenever i feel put off or blue, i like to bake something. anyway, here are my two favorite reads lately. i really can't put them down - printed or digital form!
"saveuris one of my two absolute favorite cooking magazines. 
it has recipes and articles from all over the world, although i usually mingle around the italian and french ones, and the website is not just informative but gives excellent step-by-step tutorials.
my next favorite one is...
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wednesday, the very middle of the work week and i am already anxiously dreaming of the weekend. this one especially, which is a long one too!
so i thought i might treat us all with a fun diy based on art history - my favorite!
i was in need of a journal but am very picky about the design, thus i decided to make my own cover and here i will show you how. it is an easy peasy tutorial so stick with me and let's have some fun messing around with paper, grown-up style, shall we?
first of all find your source of inspiration. will it be pop art, noir films, deconstruction?
well, i chose rené magritte, whom i have always admired for the brilliant meanings behind his paintings and their sharp yet somewhat discrete irony.
here are the four things we will need:
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hello there.
tuesday, after a weekend of rather cold weather it is inevitable.
i am dreaming of vacations, spring, and the greek beaches i left behind.
let's go grecian chic window shopping and daydreaming...
i have missed the warm sun and the soft, cool breeze that brushes ever so lightly on the back of your neck around mid april. that very breeze, if you were at the beach or near a rural village, it would be full of aromas like thyme or iodine, so - so fresh.
i loved wearing spartan sandals from some local shop, even though all the walking around would put my feet in danger of a farmer's tan. they were perfect for touristing around little villages and islands, because we'd always stop the car to see more or less (or not at all) known monuments and relics. some places were literally full of history scattered around in every corner. i am very thankful to have a mum that was if not as interested in me, at least compassionate of my folk-history craze. we travelled a lot while there and i have memories enough to fill a wayfarer encyclopedia!

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happy week everyone!
this past friday i promised you more new recipes. but i'll have to tell you that i am going to start with my favorite one - the italian one that is. 
main ingredient i had never endeavoured to try was fresh mozzarella!
fresh mozzarella bruschetta!
click on to see what you need and how to make it...
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you didn't think i'd neglect to wish you for the weekend, now did you?
of course not,
but my friday contained a  surprise that i may only tell you about in a week, and since surprises are usually fun i hope you have a ...
another suprise was the weather. i hope it's nice and warm where you are because in new york it is cold, windy, snowing and occassionally raining. this as a result made me strain my back walking but i still enjoyed it, new york is beautiful in the winter.
i also noticed that lexington is food heaven and in this weather the yummy smells seep out into the streets and goodness how it makes your tummy rumble! i stopped by corrado's for a spinach pie, fresh and toasty.
anyway, since it is way too cold, and my back is suffering, and i have to finish some images for someone, tonight will be pop corn and movie night. eh, might pop in some brownies with it.
any movie suggestions?

what are you planning for the weekend?
here's a song to go along with our chilly affairs - or to be honest, to beat those winter blues.
oh and a small tip, stay tuned next week, i am planning to try, and share two unique recipes on monday that i've never made before. one of them is italian, yummy-yummy.

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i am in a bit of a romantic mood today so i thought i might transfer it a bit to you too.
"paperman" is a short film produced by disney and directed by john kahrs and what is especially lovely about it, apart from the romantic story, is the fact that it combines traditional paper and innovative computer animation.
but enough with the description, watch and then we'll talk!

now, that you have enjoyed it...
while this carries quite a few cliches, isn't it so sweet? fate in the form of paper airplanes is utterly original.
i also love the background. the city looks real in a childish sort of way, as if you are daydreaming in black and white. it is really interesting how relatable certain parts of it are to today, like the flower stand above. furthermore, if i were (which i will) to indulge in the fashion side of it...
i admire how accurate the whole design is to the 1940's.

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me.

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hello again.
as usual, tuesday is our window shopping day and i must admit, while i really never cared for valentine's day i love all the red around during february. so naturally, here are some wonderful red goodies to brighten the day. cheeky and a bit expected? well... yep!
i have been eyeing a modern red satchel for a while now {4} but the oxford ones look absolutely lovely too. along with a pretty pair of sunglasses {2}, it would look even better don't you think?
since we're on accessories, kate spade has a pretty red necklace {3} and coral earrings. if that is not tempting enough, i am considering going after some bangles {1} or an amazing, fluo scarf {5}. although between us, i love scarves a bit too much!

do you celebrate valentine's day? will you indulge in the red trend?

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i was wandering about these weekend mornings,
in my own casual little world of fun spaces and sculpted surfaces, odd animals and illustrations numerous enough to fill two volumes of a small stories collection when something caught my eye... you might want to guess what it is with all the fuss about spring and the new fashion week and all.
well i came across the chanel resort collection 2013.
it was a vision of rococo, strategically placed in the versailles. is there a place more perfect for a collection that looked like it popped out of an avant-garde recreation of a period drama placed in the baroque era?
click to see what really caught my eye though...
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