regarding the challenge of cooking every week, one new thing, well, this week i sort of let other people cook for me! i know, very lazy on my behalf, but hey what is a girl to do every now and then?
two friends had the best idea, to pick me up and spend a day outdoors, especially since saturday was beautifully sunny. the first thing we did was head to union square to shop around the green market.
it was so much fun! do you like farmer's markets?
what i really love about them, apart from the fact that you shop fresh, local products, is that you can find all sorts of treasures while enjoying yourself. the apple vendor for example sold freshly made apple cider!
we were lucky to bump into two young fellows playing some of my most favorite oldies like "everyday is like sunday". at some point they were joined by a girl that san like an angel. additional plus?
they were both very sympathetic ifyouknowwhatimean, but i developed a soft spot for the pianist with the exceptionally large smile.
it was also really fun to go wine tasting till we found the best one from wine stand to wine stand.
what really caught our attention though was a czech artist...
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friday again today,
after what was a rather rough, if not ruthless week, i can say i am more than ready for the weekend. in fact if it could be entirely spent walking in the sunshine, eating and reading under the covers that would be exactly the plan.
therefore, i would like to wish you a...
when thinking of dreamy weekend, it involves many lovely things, such as...
-hanging the perfect sign on your door before you hit the sack
-waking up late to the soft light peeping through the shades and dreaming of riding through tiny little town in the meditteranean on a vespa.
-a soft song for while you munch on a cookie and sip your home made latte still in pj's.
-then putting on baggy jeans, layered with some sunny shirts and a flirty sweater, perfect for heading out to enjoy a no-chores day.

you know, i think i might just keep my eyes closed till friday is over. i need this week to be over.

have fun!

xoxo lovelies
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who does not like sweets at all?
even if it is from time to time, indulging in a piece can make your whole day better!
lately i have been eyeing toffee. apart from the fact that it comes in so many lucious colors, it is so tastey and light, and brings back quite a few childhood memories.
what i enjoy even more though is looking for candy references in fashion and design.
when it comes to product desing, prada's perfume "candy"not only carries the name but its bottle looks the part too! it smells remarkably tasty and energetic like a sugar rush.
speaking of the perfume, the mini films by masterminds wes anderson and roman coppola are adorable and utterly entertaining! the girl playing candy could not have been more bubbly and cute - perfect for the part.

have a sweet day and 
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the things you learn when you meet new people can be amazingly fun.
when my friend came to town last saturday, be brought about his ukrainian rooted friend that took us to veselka. veselka  is an old, and really hip ukrainian restaurant that makes the most delisious soup - borscht, with beats and veggies.
its name means rainbow but he said it is also a word game referring to the phrase "smiling girl".
it is smack in the middle of east village - ukranian village for that matter.
it is a really vibrant place and if you go on a bright day like we did, it is vividly colorful!
speaking of color,
you can find it in some really interesting spots in the city. i found this kate spade ad spread on a somewhat abandoned wall on 7th avenue near 23rd street. it was like a positive thinking promotion.
when the weather is cooperative like this, and brings all the vividness out, it is great to walk around soho too. right on mercer street, as you walk north towards 8th street you bump into this wonderful, tucked, little book shop that sells used books and old records. it is really a gem!
i found machiavelli and some french literature to practice with, but it had so many more great reads in there, and some really unique postcards. if book hunting were a sport i'd be training by now!
reading and computers however made my astigmatism go koukou lately which, much to my satisfaction caused me to....
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hello lovelies!
today is the big day, the last one when you can take part in the giveaway!
hurry, because tonight as i had promised, the winner will be drawn and i really can't wait!
how is the weather where you are? here in new york it is chilly again but spring is clearly in the air. you can see it in the colors and smell it in the air.
this tuesday's goody bag is filled with things that you can savor for you, for your taste glends and for home, like
like sunshine, or sitting on balconies people watching, now that you can still cozy up with a sweater to stay warmer.
one of my favorite things in spring to eat is...
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now, one must admit the weather is being quite capricious!
alas, i cannot complain as i am utterly thankful for the wonderful sun that has been peeping out from the clouds a bit more often lately, regardless of the fact that certain times the temperature threats with frost bite!
this very sun i plan to take advantage of during the weekend and so i will wish you a green one!
put on those tweeds and rainboots and head outdoors! whether it be your garden (i envy you if you have one), a park, a rooftop or upstate, enjoy the sunshine, the new leaves that are slowly coming out, and all the bustling flower shops. do you buy flowers for your home?
my favorites for spring are tulips and violets. flowers brighten up a room and though they may not be aromatic they still give a sense of freshness in the atmosphere.
spring is also a perfect time to go antiquing since you can walk from one place to the next. antiquing is a lot like treasure hunts, you know you can find some really magnificent things if you look in the most unexpected corners.
however, for my spring redecorating feever i want to plant herbs on my windowsill!
for whoever may be planning the same, here is a tip:
plant complimentary aromas together - like lavender and louisa or basil and mint.
these are excellent to maintain fresh at home if you can since you can use them while cooking, make the best teas you can imagine and also just shake them a teeny bit and enjoy all the aromas that spread in the air.

whatever you're up to i hope you have fun and rest! also, do not forget to take part in the giveaway!

xoxo lovelies!
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for this week's tribute to color,
i have prepared a lovely necklace tutorial, and i promise it is stylish, and easy peasy!
you will need:
a 3/4 inch pipe piece also found here,
metal paints or your nail polish collection, i used ice cream colors,
cord for crafting like this one and
embroidery thread, i like these shades a lot!
now what to do after the jump!
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before i go on and share some of my favorite coloring and redecorating tips, i am too excited to resist reminding you of the giveaway that ends next tuesday!
now, one of my spring tasks, that i am almost as obsessive with as sheldon and his closets, is re-organizing my bookcase and decluttering my desk space. as winter passes by, and i want to brighten up my space, and as i have (positively) added a bunch of new finds to my book collection it is something i must do!
but where do you start?
first of all, you must keep in mind that you can do wonders with things that are probably already hiding around your home. it is usually easier to start with your desk. throw or give everyhting you don't need away and seperate the rest in categories. for example, i use paint &color, diy, sewing and stationary. put everything in its usual spot or in labeled baskets. what really frees the space up though is a pin board. those come in numerous forms, but here is the simple, 5 minute trick i did:
use some washi tape in a fun pattern or color to frame the area,

then use some more to paste on images, cards, postcards ect. hanging some of your favorite jewelry is great too. note that i have hung a lot of it but i am in design extravaganza lately.
as for the bookcases, well, i am particularly fond of adding a background to your shelves as seen on apartment therapy and lolly jane and here are my tips:
books, displays and more after the jump!
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hello there!
tuesday, for anyone who just tuned in, is normally our store window hopping day. however, with the event of having reached 150 wonderful followers this tuesday's goody bag is for you! i wanted to thank you all for supporting my blog, for your lovely comments that always make my days better and for exchanging ideas and inspiration.
i prepared a giveaway with items from my etsy shop - kataifi.
kataifi, is a young shop of only a few months, and it is where you can find accessories and prints i make by hand! all the items are based on sweet things from our childhood memories and fairy tales.
for this giveaway, one lucky guest will recieve a pair of french bon-bon earrings complete, in their patisserie wrapping and a set of two hand painted spring cards that have not been released at the shop yet!
competition rules and more cute things after the jump...
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hello everyone and happy new week!
as i mentioned on friday, this week will be dedicated to color and neon - from food, to fashion to how-to's and interior design! since mondays are slow and somewhat gloomy, i'll start with a refreshing smoothie!
blueberries are precious little natural gems full of vitamins and antioxidants (hey tis march after all),
bananas are low-fat, full of vitamin c, fibers, potassium and magnesium that are also found to beat depression.
oranges, other than sweet and tangy are also rich in vitamin c and a, and calcium!
here's what to blend in your mixer:
also here is a short video of jamie oliver's tips and recipes for sweet, energetic, frozen smootheis...

by the way, how adorable is little buddy? he's right sometimes it is really difficult to get little ones to eat fruit, but who can resist pink and purple smoothies eh?

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the most beautiful and lovable sun has been peeping through the clouds these past few days and if one is to be completely honest it is absolutely wonderful!
additionallythe smell of spring is finally in the air - a faintly green freshness.
speaking of green and flowers, i would love to wish you all a...
with a jolly french song that played for the dior chérie ad quite some time ago and originally sung by legendary brigitte bardot:
** moi je joue **

by the way, who else is having a difficult time adding florals to their outfit? we shall not yeild!
if you find it much too difficult you can always add a pop of color like this lovely blogger did. colors are fun this season, it is like they come hand in hand with spring and nature. that is why the entire next week will be dedicated to that exactly! also stay tuned for a giveaway that is coming up.

however, on the subject of florals this stella mccartney resort collection had some whimsical almost "alice in wonderland" type of prints (see above) with flowers blown out of proportion, that caught my eye. they look like hyperrealistic paintings you wear.

most of all, i must admit, for this weekend i have a very important task (among others) to catch up with...sleep! 
but what are you planning for the weekend?
whatever it is may you have the best of times!

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as i had told you a long while ago,
within this blog there were to be shared experiences from new york. life is a lot more fun when you can share the things, places and images you like and enjoy. so for this rather lovely thursday i have saved some interestingly, bright and colorful works to show you. those were some of the favorites i picked out from the independent.
i have a strong feeling though that my flirting with the concept of neon in design and fashion might have had something to do with it, as all of these are things i would love to have at home and i strongly believe you might too!
for starters, does anyone know of the printed matter?
well, it is a non-profit organization that helps promote publications by artists. these publications may be books, prints, or even "art for the pages", and they truly have a fascinating collection.
on top of that, and to indulge in my inner designer, i always enjoy their displays. this time they were geometric, low shelving units in plain wood that accentuated the vivacity of the prints and the colors of all the editions. it is key to display work in a way that engages you to sit around and dive into pages rather than just look around and leave. it is so much more fun anyway.
then i came across a rather odd piece of framed goodness...
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hump day is a difficult day,
so i think we deserve some tasty, healthy treats!
on the challenge of discovering new flavors, i tried tuscan spiced tuna on bread. now, to be clear, i turned it to a sandwitch so it is carryable to work. you will need...
14 oz of boiled tuna,
sweet pickles diced,
a bunch of baby carrots sliced thinly.
1 scallion chopped,
a small piece of garlic very finely chopped.
for the vinaigrette that will hold everything together:
2 tabelspoons of red vinegar,
olive oil to taste,
half teaspoon honey,
salt, pepper, dried oregano, and a teaspoon of dry mustard.
beat in a bowl with a fork till combined.
if you are at home, toast your bread, it is so much better, but if you plan to take it out like me, fresh bread is delicious too!
after you have thoghourly all the ingredients,
stack a lot of the salad on top of the bread and add some mustard. voilá!

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let's assume you have a very important réndez-vous in soho today. you wake up to find it snowing outside but still decide to wear your brand new, slightly overpriced, shiny oxfords that go perfectly with your task, and completely disregard the blister threat.
after spending, probably too much time fixing and adjusting your untamable curls in a professional signon you realize how fast you need to get dressed and end up finishing your makeup in less than 10 minutes again. at the door now, and proud that you are in time even to catch up with that sudden errand your brother left you in charge of. you lock and strut proudly towards your way. just at the corner you look at the time and realize, through some inexplicable train of thought, that you forgot the print outs.
now you rush back, panic striken, to print and of course you have a murphy law moment - the printer isn't responding. naturally, you end up attempting to photocopy the extras you had on the shelf while running in and out of your apartment because you cannot find your phone.
now, you are leaving, too late to get the errand done and with the disappointment of having lost a valuable tool that above all contained pictures of some very dear people you left behind an ocean and continent away. plus, it is the only number you have given to the 100 job and school applications you have filed.
on the train now, covered in a layer of tiny specks of snowflakes you take a breath and decide no matter what life goes on and the aformentioned réndez-vous must go well. pull back your shoulders, lift up your chin and walk out the subway to smile at how amazingly and unexpectedly beautiful the neigborhood is. never having been on that side of the city before, it is breathtaking.
luckily, you are about 20 minutes early and have located the place so your need for a comforting cup of tea kicks in quite demandingly. walk into that vintage, old looking bar that says café on it and while you plop yourself on the tall chair ask for some earl grey with a puppy dog glance even your neighboor's terrier would envy.
the oddball of a barman is in the mood for a chit chat and before you know it you are lost in a conversation and can't believe how people are still so wonderfully kind. partly because of the tea (it's magic i tell you) and partly because of the chat, you have now calmed down and even broken into laughter.
as you walk into your appointment, looking normal and perhaps even happy, you go for it - give it all you got as they say. this of course has you leaving the place with a smile as you head back to your mom's work to share your story and play with the cutest baby girl in the world.
the walk is great, the snow has stopped and manhattan has this greyish-white hue that makes buildings and people contrast magnificently against the dull sky. new york is beautiful when it is cloudy.
notice the chic old lady with her dog that look as though they popped out of a film noir, and the handsome salesman at the corner boutique smiling at you regardless of that silly but warm pom-pom hat that disshevels your otherwise parfait ensemble. as tiny snowflakes start to fall again you pass mignon bistros that smell yummy enough to remind you you're hungry and you turn to meet for lunch.
by the time you meet them, you realize you are as calm as a feather and life is balanced again, not to mention your fever is even steady (oh yes, you have a cold too). you spend the most entertaining hour pretending to be a goldfish and sneeking cheddar cheese bites to the pour soul that doesn't want its beans and leave again.

now let's just wait and see what happened with the réndez-vous. oh! and i found the phone! phew!

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sorry i've been mia lately but it will all make sense on monday.
stay tuned for a fairy tale in soho. however, and now that i've sneezed and taken the thermometer off...again, i would like to wish you a warm and artsy weekend!
this week in ny we have the independent and the armory shows!
they are two major art shows. personally i'm going to the first where over 40 international galleries and institutions will be exhibiting. hopefully i won't lose my phone again, like today, and take a lot of pictures to share with you! it is so exciting tobe in the middle of a mini-world of art.

here is a song to keep you happy especially if like here, the weather is teasing you and,
some inspirational words in a jolly, bright pink in case you don't notice the image enough.
also, here is a gourmet treat i've been wanting to try. do you like veggies?

what do you have in mind for the weekend?
and don't forget we have a story on monday!

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i miss spring. period.
warm rays of sun, cool breezes, longer days, more sunlight and that buzzing lively feeling that comes with it all.
amidst the threats of yet another snow fall, i want to dream of spring with you.
the only problem with shopping much before a season really kicks in is that i have this naughty habbit. i like to use it as soon as possible. do you have that?
well, anyway, no harm in window shopping. ehem. sure.
in the springtime i like to take especially long walks. the ones in the city are always immensely fun (pretty much regardless of the weather), but when it is spring i like to take any chances offered of going upstate and walking around quaint villages and adorable cottages, and yes, collecting flowers too.

you know, pressing flowers for a week in a heavy book makes perfect material for collages to put in shadow box frames! just add a few black &white photograph cut-outs and pins with a colorful head and voilá. we should do a tutorial sometime.

my choices in colors don't change with the season. while it gets a little brighter, i still like to play with some black or natural shades. clorful shoes are a lot of fun and definitely mood-lifters. but there is nothing like wearing your swimsuit, clenching your teeth and taking that dive in the lake. it's bloody cold, but utterly worth it.

what do you like about spring?do you have any preferred activities?


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hello, and happy new week. happy march too by the way.
as i mentioned on friday, i went gallery hopping on thursday and well of course i'd like to share a couple of pics and my experiences with you.
well, i will start by the one main event i attended which was really the highlight of the evening.
cheim & read gallery had the opening of their hosting not one or two, but seven monumental paintings by al held (1928-2005), a new york painter.
al held was known to be part of the abstract expressionist movement. his work consists of geometric, bright or contrasting paintings. he plays with familiar forms like those of letters for example and distorting them in a way that engages the viewer to think and trouble himself about a form he is otherwise comfortable with so to speak. his choices in colors are crucial as they add weight and emphasis to create the aforementioned mental dialogue with the viewer.
i was lucky enough to se "ivan the terrible" among other works.
"alphabet paintings" - al held
apart from the fact that his work is truly very interesting and a wonderful example of contemporary art, there is something awe-inspiring to see paintings by such a person live and up close within touching distance. the fact that all you have read about is sitting right in front of you and engaging you in a mind game. for me, that is  what art is. art is not just a matter of aesthetics but an expression of thought, a temptation, a means to evoke dialogue or even argument.
"alphabet paintings" - al held
furthermore, there is something very architectural to his work, especially the monumental paintings. while not symmetric, their geometric character along with the color surfaces and contrasts create a perfect balance. the more you look at the paintings the more it feels that if a single stroke was to change perhaps the slope of one of the shapes then it could come tumbling down, regardless of the fact that it is 2dimensional and therefore incapable of any self inflicted movement.

of course, the event was excquisite and fun, full of really interesting people and faces and very well organized. the hosts were very welcoming and engaging which really created the perfect setting to observe bright and giant work like this. if you're in town and get a chance definitely pay a visit!

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