hello everyone!
it is absolutely sensational that it is friday and the weekend is only a few hours away from us. it has been a rather long, but productive week here. i am proud to say i am successfully learning html, and am so excited and happy i just had to share it with you all.
before i go on any further and we have fun with my week's link round-up, i would like to wish you all

- here is the perfect song to make you all happy and fuzzy inside. i promise, snow patrol always works.

- since we have entered the month of lovey dove-iness, here is a poster of all the different kind of literary loves you can find around that will definitely make you laugh. i laughed a little more with homeric love, which cracked you up?

- have you ever been to the isabella stewart gardner museum? gardenista showed us just how mesmerizing their gardens are.

- for anyone from new york, or coming to new york, or anyone that will be around in general - here is the most useful map you'll ever get. now enjoy a cup o' jo for me too :)

- here are some beautifully designed ways to store things in small narrow hallways you probably hadn't heard of.

- finally, it is the weekend, we are all sleepy and can probably enjoy a bit more coffee than usual. so for all you coffee lovers like i, here is a cool website all about coffee. and because we love tea lovers all the same here is the cutest tea chart.

i would love to hear your plans for the weekend if you're up for sharing. i'll be checking a new local sandwitch & bar place with my brother and a friend. we love to try new places and then talk about it. i look forward to taking pictures of their interior for you.

also, next week i'll have another wonderful home tutorial to share with you and i cannot wait! hint - it will be a mini makeover. aha

xoxo everyone! 


Fashionable Rose said...

this weekend it was mostly relaxing for me, i went for a lovely stroll in the old town Nicosia, in Cyprus for a coffee with a friend and enjoyed the sunny weather. today i might go to the park and enjoy the sun again :)

i hope the sandwich place was nice!

enjoy your week x

Tiffany said...

oh that sounds simply lovely! we haven't had sunny weather here for a few days and it is icy cold! ahah i envy you just a tad! i am glad you enjoyed your weekend.
i got to hear a local band, chat with the pianist and eat probably the best sandwitch in a really really long time :)

Shoko said...

love that subway map :) so enlightening!

Tiffany said...

it really is fabulous, and there have been so many times i needed to find a café nearby a subway station. i am totally printing this for reference!