sometimes, we need to dress for more than one occassion. sometimes, we need to be both casual and dressy. sometimes, it also happens that we will be dwelling between really cold and really warm environments, and for all of the above we are called to dress impeccably.
my favorite solution for cases like these is the flowy, feminine and dainty blouse - printed or not. they are synonymous to comfort and style for me. they can be layered under cardigans, sweaters or jackets, worn with skirts and pants and either heels or flats. it is truly a versatile piece.
here are some of my favorite styles and how you can wear them!
as you can probably tell, i am really fond of booties, and am a proud owner of a nine west pair identical to the black ones, on the middle row above. they are extremely useful because the weather is still very cold but we've been wearing boots for so long it has become tiresome to haul them around everywhere. these are a slightly dressier alternative, while still keeping you warm.

i prepared three different styles of the blouse, you can opt for pretty florals, a geometric, classic print like squares or polka dots or a nice bold one color piece. the best part is that all of these can be worn from super dressy, to business casual, to weekend casual. sometimes you can even just make some small changes with accessories and a bit of bolder makeup and go from work to play in one day without changing. people who work farther from home will understand the greatness of this. all of my jobs are train rides away from my apartment, changing is a rare luxury.

what is your favourite versatile fashion piece?



Fabrizia said...

I totally agree with you, blouses are so versataile!
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Ana Parfenova said...

Ooh the florals are just lovely! Love it!



Head to Toe Chic said...

I'm loving those booties in the third outfit!


Tiffany said...

Fabrizia, that's great!
Ana, aren't they? i just loved the colors!
Angela, me too! I wish I could have them :)

Beauty Follower said...

καλα η φουστα ειναι ανεπαναληπτη!


Tiffany said...

ax nai den einai? ax!