hello there and welcome to s/ch!
my name is tiffany, and i'm an architect and graphic designer in new york. i've also lived in seattle, and greece where i completed my studies in architecture and theory, and have traveled all about europe.

i began writing this blog, as a break from tight schedules and as a type of online public journal to note tips and inspiration about subjects i love - architecture, art and DIY's have taken over ever since!

"stylish" on this blog has more than one meanings; it isn't just in relation aesthetics, but more like an overall state of mind. it will be a term you will hear about often and which will encompass creativity, awareness, culture and fashion of courseeverything i write about, i do with the goal of making at least one person smile per day.

for any questions, collaboration proposals, or if you simply want to share your thoguhts please, feel free to contact me by e-mail here: tiffanyscorner@gmail.com 
i will be more than happy to answer any questions, share ideas and meeting you!

you can also see my graphic design and architectural work here.

now, get comfy and enjoy your stay!