i have been running around, but have not neglected this week's last-minute diy!
this is especially fun if you'll have kiddies running around for the next couple of days, as it will keep them occupied for a bit in a creative way, and you'll get to have one more pretty decoration around the house.
well, you will only need:
How-to: Easter Egg Garland
patterned paper can be found everywhere, from online, to etsy (yes, it is its own fabulous category) or at local craft shops and even book shops.
the striped one above happens to be this, but for this tutorial i would suggest thicker paper like the kind used for scrapbooking, otherwise you will need to glue it on some cardboard which is also do-able.

begin by printing out an egg template the size you like it, or simply draw one yourself, on some cardboard! this will be your stencil.

then trace around it on the patterned papers you chose and cut out the eggs. if you have time, and are up for some fun, you can decorate the paper eggs with glitter, buttons, pressed flower petals and all sorts of things.
How-to: Easter Egg Garland
now, take your twine and cut equal pieces, depending on the distance you desire between each egg and how long you want your garland to be. a general rule is the larger the egg, the longer you'll want the twine so as to keep it proportionate.

loop the twine for the edges and then just thread it to each egg's side.
an easier and still pretty way to do this is to use colored washi tape to tape the eggs directly on the twine. just beware, you might like to use solid color tape like these so as not to over-do it with the patterns.

have fun!




with Easter fast approaching, i thought it would be fun to share three of my favourite egg designs as found on pinterest!
every year i channel a theme, and this year i think impressionism stuck with me. but until i get around to making and sharing pictures of my own eggs, here is some beautiful inspiration!
i love the colors on these eggs. they look as though painted with a brush pen, and the patterns remind me a lot of holland or ukrainian fabric patterns. they are undoubtedly following a spring and festive theme.
my favourite thing about this idea was the pressed flower on bare egg. it is simple and beautiful in just that very simplicity. we also spoke of pressing flowers earlier in spring.
on a side note, my mum used to collect vintage paper cut outs of various illustrations including fairies, flowers, insects, fruit and angels. they are so romantic, oozing an old days pass time activity with beautiful illustrations some as good as botanical illustrations! these also make great decoupage patterns if you don't want to press flowers.
the good news is these still go around in the market and you can find them in various spots. for my greek readers, i know that they are sold in quite a few old, local book shops, and for my international readers, i do believe etsy is a gold mine for them.

these seem much trickier, but they are gorgeous! if you have some extra time, and a steady hand, oh what a beautiful decoration they make!
these were my eggs from last year. it was a lot of fun playing with paint and bare eggs. here is the article.




hi everyone and happy almost weekend!
how was this week for you? i am happy to report that mine was just a tad less crazily packed than the last, and contained some pretty happy news as well. the spring germ is surely in pat to thank for an uplift in the mood, as i had begin to wonder whether it would be visiting at all!
i would like to wish you all a groovy weekend, and stay tuned for some more spring-y diys next week!

- here is an uplifting song by mika, bound to make you wiggle.

- i am happy to report of a fabulous, made-in-greece exhibition now on display at the olympic tower atrium. "the greek monsters" by beetroot was wonderful (which i am glad to report after seeing it at the opening last night) and contains some of my favourite mythological, and misunderstood monsters which were re-designed and believe me, you are bound to love.

- here is a short article on the amazing life and unbelievably moving works of artist seraphine de senlis (otherwise: seraphine louis) who is placed in fame and talent alongside major names of her time including picasso. there is also a french film about her life which is well worth watching.

- are these not just fantabulous?

- federico babina did his magic again and here are some unique portraits of architects based on their work!

- if you could be anywhere right now, where would you choose? i think this garden looks like a piece of heaven.

whatever special plans you have, i hope you fully enjoy! see you again next week!




impressionism is a form i have associated with spring and summer.
it is a bit funny, i know, but i think it is because of its great emphasis on light and how it interacts with the surroundings. impressionists did not focus so much on the realism of a scene or object, more so on the impression it created at a certain moment. this is why monet painted the notre dame cathedral so many times; he kept capturing it at different moments of the day, in very different lighting.
well, inspired by the strokes of paint and the capturing of light i decided to paint my flower pots. today this is exactly the tutorial i'll be sharing!
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
now before we begin i will make just one note: it is best to use pots you haven't yet planted in, but if you already had (like i did) that will do too.
allrighty, you will need:
a sheet of newspaper,
acrylic paint in shades of a color of your choice (here purples and roses)
acrylic in a metallic gold or bronze
a paintbrush
and pots of course (i used terracotta)
now, spread the newspaper down and save some for tearing. you will see what i mean in a tad.
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
begin by painting the darker of the shades on the entire surface.
before it dries completely, begin piling on with the lighter and even lighter shade in random places, like below.
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
now, as soon as you have covered all the terracotta pots with the various shades of the color you chose, you will have an effect which i chose to call clouds of color, because it looks a bit like clouds.
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
as soon as it has dried...
{click on for the fun part}



as i told you a while ago,
aside from taking a breather, i went design and architecture hunting when in dublin. it was the ideal place really, especially since the rise in arts and crafts, and the turn they seem to be taking towards artisinal design products and crafters. it was truly an very enjoyable experience.
one shop in particular caught my attention a bit more, for its bringing together artists and designers from all around europe. the shop is known as industry.
Design Shopping in Dublin: Industry
my cousin and i kind of went crazy in here. it is a relatively small space full of so many treasures collected from artists and designers from all around europe. there were of course many specimens of contemporary irish design, and it was nice to see how all of the objects were displayed together.
Design Shopping in Dublin: Industry
we found so many things. i think if it weren't for luggage restrictions, we would have been in serious danger of shopping a whole lot. there were amazing, organic candles, which i love a whole lot for their soft aroma that doesn't create unhealty fumes in your interior.
Design Shopping in Dublin: Industry
there were all sorts of hampers and also men's products which is great, because often shops like these give more emphasis to the female customer than the male. of course, it was just great that they combined interior design objects with pampering ones. i don't know about you, but when i shop for my home, i like to shop a bit for myself as well. so there will always be a little candle, or a special cream.
Design Shopping in Dublin: Industry
another thing i took notice of was the location.
the shop is in the bustling city centre, yet nestled in an old narrow space that seems to bring together old history and modern dublin together in a beautiful picture. this is essential, as the architect within me, i believe that an environment reflects your work as much as your work ends up reflecting the environment. and like many european cities, dublin has a lot to work with history and design-wise.
Design Shopping in Dublin: Industry
a quick side note:
above you can also see a poster i fell in love with. the artist created a map of dublin that is shaped by words; basically, names of streets, areas, and attractions in letterpress form the map of dublin.
their work has been featured on a considerable number of design and architecture magazines like "house and home", and "the gloss". they also have a facebook page which is fantabulous for us fans who are so far away, because we get to see pictures of all the new plans that come to fruition and the events too!

the people there were wonderful too. they were very helpful, and so kind to have answered all of my questions regarding their work, shop and products, while they also let me take all the pictures i wanted. a big thanks to them for all of that!

if you guys ever find yourselves in dublin, i highly recommend industry for some irish shopping before heading back home. if you happen to live there, or nearby and haven't gone...well skedaddle!

xoxo everyone!


goodmorning everyone and happy week! i hope your weekend lived up to the expectations. this will be an interesting and fun week on s/ch with some spotlight on home and design as well as some easter and spring decorations and edible flowers.
before we start though, and because mondays tend to be a little rough i thought it a good idea to begin with a pretty and sweet quote.
{john phillips}

"faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof." - khalil gibran

it has been a while, or years rather that I've been contemplating faith, where we find it, how we express it. it is a beautiful thing that gives man strength in the best and in the worst times. I have not known any being to display more inner strength than man.

have a lovely new week!




happy friday, and indeed it is!
there are many different sorts of plans, and the ones i am most shy to admit are those which include extra hours of sleep. oops!
well, i would like to wish you all a splendid weekend, while i continue below with our friday list of interesting things and facts as usual. just before i go though, it's important to let you know that next week we will have a special post about design and home shopping, as well as a review of a place i am certain you will fall for. and now i will go on with the usual before i get too excited and give it all away too soon!

-i've been refreshing my french and bumped into this adorable song! her raymond must be superb.

- having recently discovered the awesomness that is nail wraps, these little bunnies are now on my i-must-have-immediately list.

- read here, about two sisters who create their own fabrics and the prints are true art works.

- has anyone had paneer cheese before? here is a simple recipe to make it at home!

- for all of you who love renaissance art, and especially michelangelo, here is the way to walk through the cappella sistina itself from your computer screen. p.s. brace yourself; you will be mindblown if you haven't seen this before.

- florals for men can be a thing, and i think i may like it very much.

whatever you are up to, have loads of good time, and i look forward to seeing you again next week!