so living in my own little world, trying really hard to balance life, work and ongoing studies, i was completely oblivious to an amazing documentary. it appealed to me so much, i thought it would be a great way to begin our week!

advanced style follows seven women in new york as they age each with their incredibly unique sense of style. they speak about life, the importance of creativity and how it can be expressed through dressing.

of course these women are well known and admired, which makes the documentary even more fascinating. it is rare that you get to gaze in the life of such extraordinary and creative women, not to mention listen to them giving advice.

it is incredible how many times the boundaries between fashion and decorative arts are blurred. there are artists making jewellry, or textile prints, or even making objects to accompany a designer's show like olafur eliasson did for marc jacobs some time ago.

these women have taken style to a whole new level - hence the film's brilliant title. it is undoubtedly a source for a lot of inspiration, but also motivation. fashion can be a tool for expression, so long as you develop the courage to use it. i wonder if this courage grows with time.

{the film has a coloring book too!}
in addition to all of the fabulousness in this endeavor, it also has an official coloring book, which i now really, really want!

read more about the documentary on its website
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right after its opening night, i had friday off and used it all to visit the mamma andersson exhibit at david zwirner galleries in chelsea. the exhibition - as expected - was exceptional and quite well put together. i decided to share with you today, the parts and details which captured my mind and eyes.

mamma andersson is a woman contemporary artist who should be on your radar if she isn't already. her works are marvelous stories on panels, executed with paint and amazing textures. the ones exhibited are enough to make you feel, as soon as you enter the gallery space, that you are entering a room with windows to an alternate dimension.
Hangman 2014 - Detail
{detail, "hangman", mamma andersson 2014, at david zwirner}
walking into the exhibition rooms was a bit like walking into a fairy tale, or a dream. each painting seemed to tell a story - one that was paused at a point leaving you to wonder about the before and after.

Ceremony 2014
{"ceremony", mamma andersson 2014, at david zwirner}
the exhibition is split between the two spaces the gallery has in chelsea. the sequence that i picked to see them left the installation room for last. in the first space, i was particularly captured by the materials andersson used, and mostly how she implemented wood into the works. considering the history of wooden materials in sweden and northern europe in general as well as in regards to industrial design, my mind instantly started wondering down paths of symbolism. aside from that however, i found it simply captivating how the paint and stains were used specifically with the wood panels to create the various shades and textures the artist desired. a simple example is in the detail below. the paint was used differently against the wood to create the dancer's outfit (the textile), than on her arms and hands. in fact, the skin at first glance looks almost entirely natural - almost like a photograph.

Cereony 2014 Detail
{detail, "ceremony", mamma anderssn 2014, at david zwirner}
i have often mentioned how what i think gives a work of art an extra quality, is its ability to puzzle the viewer, and invoke thought. if a piece makes you think, wonder, contemplate and more importantly, try to read into it, and through it read the artist's mind. one painting i couldn't divert my attention from
{click for the rest of the exhibit and installation}
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there exists this little trend which has captured my heart.
you must have noticed it; sweaters, shirts and even shoes that wink at you, prance about people's posts and trip packing suggestions. my favorite combinations naturally, have a rather parisian tendency of black and white. the funny thing is that these sweaters also remind me of mimes. don't you agree? they silently, flirtatiously wink at you, putting a smile on your face without making a single sound.

Wink Sweater

for all of you who know me by now, you may have already guessed that i would try to diy this - and of course i have! here is all that you will need to make your own wink sweater:

thick white sewing thread,
a needle,
an (old) black sweater or cardigan

Sew a wink on your cardigan

with chalk draw the wink where you would like it. i placed mine on the pockets of my old zara cardigan. then with the very easy to do chain stitch, sew over the chalked lines...and voila!
don't let the sewing part intimidate you,
{last detail and fun links after the jump!}
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resolutions are tricky. we make them, we commit, sometimes we go all the way through with them and others we forget. however, if there is one resolution worth making and keeping, that is to love yourself.

an easy way to begin would be to pamper yourself a little more. it has been years now that i have this habit of savoring showers for certain days whenever an opportunity arises. out come the sweet soaps and oils and the whole process is based on taking your time. but this doesn't mean that you can't quickly pamper yourself like before bed time, remembering to put on some lavender oil, or simply that eye cream. little gestures as such put you, even if you don't realize it, in a mentality of taking care of yourself. and who do we take care of? people we love!

Product Presentation Collage

another way to make yourself feel fuzzy and warm inside is combining smells that either remind you of things you like, or are generally relaxing. this is partially why i have picked the porridge soap above. porridge reminds me of things and places i have visited, i want to visit, and people i love, who live in britain. it helps that this soap magically removes all (seriously, all) makeup. lavender on the other hand is just as dreamy, bringing images of southern france in the spring, but it is generally a relaxing smell.

finally, while browsing one night, i bumped into a little poster that suggested just two times a day to murmur to yourself "right now, i accept myself unconditionally". it sounded cheesy but for some reason i decided to try it (probably because it was past twelve, i was too hyper to sleep - the perfect time to try out new philosophical approaches right?). well, it was actually pretty good. for a few moments you feel this wonderful serenity. i suppose it makes perfect sense, since hearing yourself say something to yourself...you are bound to believe it (subconsciously). so there you have it, sweet talk yourself once in a while - it can't hurt :)

how do you like to pamper yourself?
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i used to make many more of these in the past. granted work and grad school, i had to cut back a bit, until the holidays arrived and i sat my pretty bum on the chair and began to photoshop again. good gracious how much i had missed it!

to get to the main point; new year's, traditionally signifying a new beginning, requires some new inspiration as well.

Color Inspiration Board

* i found a picture of this envelope on a tumblr page while randomly browsing. this light blue, with a gray hue is simply dreamy, but what caught my attention the most was the brilliant little peacock wax seal in beige. i have never seen something quite like it. this year, my cards were a bit on the bohemian side, which led me to the conclusion that i really prefer the wax seal. there's nothing quite like receiving letters like that.

* next, is a picture of a hidden view from rome, italy. italy has always been a dream destination of mine; not rome in particular  for some reason, but still, this is a dreamy image. in general, europe has been on my mind a lot. in fact, i have been getting rather nostalgic of my irish escapades last year!

* below, is the cover of "burial rites" by hannah kent, as illustrated by christos kourtoglou for ikaros books. translation is by maria aggelidou. mind you, i have not read this book, and to be as cliche as one might, this cover is spectacular!

* lastly, is a close-up of what seems to be a really cozy and fuzzy charcoal gray sweater. i have been thinking of sweaters as this one for a bit now. perhaps it is time to consider getting one in a baby blue, or a gray like the one above - winter does not have to mean all-dark colors.

what colors have you been flirting with? where are you currently drawing inspiration from?

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