i tried something very, very new this time with the dinner dessert.
i had been flirting with the idea for quite a while and had even gone to the home depot and got myself pansies in order to grow them myself and know they would be sans pesticides. why you may be wondering....
well, i decided to decorate my cake with edible flowers this year!
Buttercream Cake
the pansies were original violas, not extra colorful or any other kind that can be found. i ended up growing the usual purple and yellow ones as well as the lighter lilac version.
to make them edible was easy enough, but they had to be cut fresh.
i beat the remaining egg whites (for we leave nothing to waste) from my cake batter to fluff them up, and brushed the flowers.
then i sprinkled them generously with crystal sugar and let them dry on a clean wooden surface.
if you try this, please make sure to clean your flowers before doing anything else.
in the meantime,
Layering and Frosting with Marmalade
i split my buttercream cake in half and spread blueberry jam all over it, then the whipped cream and then a bit of the chocolate sour cream frosting. afterwards, i covered the whole thing with the remaining frosting. now, it was ready for decorating.
How-to: Decorating the cake
for the cake and frosting i used my brand new book, which was brought to me by my friend who visited seattle, and the famous dahlia bakery. it was immensely difficult to wait all this time to use it, but it was beyond worth it in the end. the cake was delicious!
i must admit though, the blueberry jam and whipped cream were my own additions as i love to play with flavours.
Easter Dessert
do you like it? what do you think?
would you try edible flowers? my mum said they tasted like candy.




did y'all know polaroids were back?
i was thrilled to find out at this Easter table where a sweet, sweet friend brought hers and began snapping pictures!
well i hope they don't mind but i couldn't resist sharing two of them with you
{stephen and i}
he was all happy eating chocolate and making funny faces. we cannot believe we got him to pause for two whole kisses, and this was one of them.
i loved all the pictures she took, or had someone take. they look like old memories and yet it was just a couple of days ago...and let's not kid ourselves, you all know by now how much old things and memories are treasured on this blog :)

i look forward to post-Easter blogging with you, especially now that i've recovered from the food coma.




i am so happy to report that my eggs are finally done for this Easter,
and of course i'll be sharing some with you here on s/ch again! i was a bit weary because i know that a lot of my friends for whom these are intended as gifts read the blog, but here's to hoping they are all far too busy with preparations to read this final post for the week!
this year, as i had mentioned before, impressionism sort of stuck with me, but in the end, this years eggs turned out to be inspired by some of my favourite artists from the 19th and 20th centuries, see if you can perhaps recognize a few.
Henri Matisse Egg
this one is an easy one, as it is a very famous painting of fauvism. i have always liked this artist, ever since i began to study art history back in uni. it was an inevitable choice.
Séraphine de Senlis Egg
this one is inspired by a painting of a female artist i heard of for the first time just this year. she led a tumultuous life, and her paintings were said to be inspired by stained glass windows of churches.
André Derain Egg
props to whomever finds this before clicking on my link.
this was inspired by this artist whose landscapes i really like for their vibrant energy that comes through the colors and paint strokes. this was specifically drawn from a recent sotheby's sale, see it here.
Georgia O'Keeffe Egg
another female artist who drew the attention of new york in the early 20th century and she is most known for her large scale paintings like this one.
last but surely not least...
Van Gogh Egg
this one is definitely more liberal in translation but was inspired by this impressionist known for his immense love for nature and flowers.

whether you are celebrating or not, or celebrating something else, i wish you all a happy weekend full of love and family time. until next week!




i have been running around, but have not neglected this week's last-minute diy!
this is especially fun if you'll have kiddies running around for the next couple of days, as it will keep them occupied for a bit in a creative way, and you'll get to have one more pretty decoration around the house.
well, you will only need:
How-to: Easter Egg Garland
patterned paper can be found everywhere, from online, to etsy (yes, it is its own fabulous category) or at local craft shops and even book shops.
the striped one above happens to be this, but for this tutorial i would suggest thicker paper like the kind used for scrapbooking, otherwise you will need to glue it on some cardboard which is also do-able.

begin by printing out an egg template the size you like it, or simply draw one yourself, on some cardboard! this will be your stencil.

then trace around it on the patterned papers you chose and cut out the eggs. if you have time, and are up for some fun, you can decorate the paper eggs with glitter, buttons, pressed flower petals and all sorts of things.
How-to: Easter Egg Garland
now, take your twine and cut equal pieces, depending on the distance you desire between each egg and how long you want your garland to be. a general rule is the larger the egg, the longer you'll want the twine so as to keep it proportionate.

loop the twine for the edges and then just thread it to each egg's side.
an easier and still pretty way to do this is to use colored washi tape to tape the eggs directly on the twine. just beware, you might like to use solid color tape like these so as not to over-do it with the patterns.

have fun!




with Easter fast approaching, i thought it would be fun to share three of my favourite egg designs as found on pinterest!
every year i channel a theme, and this year i think impressionism stuck with me. but until i get around to making and sharing pictures of my own eggs, here is some beautiful inspiration!
i love the colors on these eggs. they look as though painted with a brush pen, and the patterns remind me a lot of holland or ukrainian fabric patterns. they are undoubtedly following a spring and festive theme.
my favourite thing about this idea was the pressed flower on bare egg. it is simple and beautiful in just that very simplicity. we also spoke of pressing flowers earlier in spring.
on a side note, my mum used to collect vintage paper cut outs of various illustrations including fairies, flowers, insects, fruit and angels. they are so romantic, oozing an old days pass time activity with beautiful illustrations some as good as botanical illustrations! these also make great decoupage patterns if you don't want to press flowers.
the good news is these still go around in the market and you can find them in various spots. for my greek readers, i know that they are sold in quite a few old, local book shops, and for my international readers, i do believe etsy is a gold mine for them.

these seem much trickier, but they are gorgeous! if you have some extra time, and a steady hand, oh what a beautiful decoration they make!
these were my eggs from last year. it was a lot of fun playing with paint and bare eggs. here is the article.




hi everyone and happy almost weekend!
how was this week for you? i am happy to report that mine was just a tad less crazily packed than the last, and contained some pretty happy news as well. the spring germ is surely in pat to thank for an uplift in the mood, as i had begin to wonder whether it would be visiting at all!
i would like to wish you all a groovy weekend, and stay tuned for some more spring-y diys next week!

- here is an uplifting song by mika, bound to make you wiggle.

- i am happy to report of a fabulous, made-in-greece exhibition now on display at the olympic tower atrium. "the greek monsters" by beetroot was wonderful (which i am glad to report after seeing it at the opening last night) and contains some of my favourite mythological, and misunderstood monsters which were re-designed and believe me, you are bound to love.

- here is a short article on the amazing life and unbelievably moving works of artist seraphine de senlis (otherwise: seraphine louis) who is placed in fame and talent alongside major names of her time including picasso. there is also a french film about her life which is well worth watching.

- are these not just fantabulous?

- federico babina did his magic again and here are some unique portraits of architects based on their work!

- if you could be anywhere right now, where would you choose? i think this garden looks like a piece of heaven.

whatever special plans you have, i hope you fully enjoy! see you again next week!




impressionism is a form i have associated with spring and summer.
it is a bit funny, i know, but i think it is because of its great emphasis on light and how it interacts with the surroundings. impressionists did not focus so much on the realism of a scene or object, more so on the impression it created at a certain moment. this is why monet painted the notre dame cathedral so many times; he kept capturing it at different moments of the day, in very different lighting.
well, inspired by the strokes of paint and the capturing of light i decided to paint my flower pots. today this is exactly the tutorial i'll be sharing!
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
now before we begin i will make just one note: it is best to use pots you haven't yet planted in, but if you already had (like i did) that will do too.
allrighty, you will need:
a sheet of newspaper,
acrylic paint in shades of a color of your choice (here purples and roses)
acrylic in a metallic gold or bronze
a paintbrush
and pots of course (i used terracotta)
now, spread the newspaper down and save some for tearing. you will see what i mean in a tad.
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
begin by painting the darker of the shades on the entire surface.
before it dries completely, begin piling on with the lighter and even lighter shade in random places, like below.
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
now, as soon as you have covered all the terracotta pots with the various shades of the color you chose, you will have an effect which i chose to call clouds of color, because it looks a bit like clouds.
How-to: Impressionism Flower Pots
as soon as it has dried...
{click on for the fun part}