Hello there all.

It has been a very long time since I wrote. What with grad school, some major changes in my health (nothing terrifying) and other parts of my life I came to realize that perhaps it was time to leave S/Ch and move to something more mature. Thus, with a small team of very loved people, I will be investing some extra time in a new website and project geared more towards my field - the art field.

{image from national geographic}

It is still under the making, but will be open for visits very soon. We have been planning it all throughout this summer in order to get it to you organized and ready to go! This is very exciting news for us, as through this new website for which we have big plans, we will aim to not only have fun, but also help one another professionally, and artistically!

We will be keeping you all posted!
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Art-Inspired Beginnings

hello to you all again!
i hope your weekend was lovely and restful. did you do anything special for memorial day?
friends and i had a picnic in the brooklyn botanical gardens and it was lovely albeit very hot.

since our week began a little later here on this side of the planet, and our tuesday may have come a bit rough, i thought it might be fun to share three images inspired by art to put you all in a creative and fun mood.

someone took a picture of a projection of one of kieth haring's works on their arm and it looks just fantastic. could you imagine what it would be like to be able to wear your favorite art work?
also, it makes you wonder, what other works could make for excellent projections.

vibe johansson, known for experimenting and playing with the female silhouette. pictures of people painting, and artists at work always seem beautiful and kind of mesmerizing. their expressions and movements give you a small glimpse into their mind and creativity.

this new york based artist created the project el bario bodega, where she turned abandoned bodega shopping bags into works of embroidered art. read more about here project here. it is amazing where people can find and in some cases like this, implement beauty.

happy week all!

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Mid-Week Inspiration

hello all!
it is already thursday though if we are to be entirely honest, it has felt like friday since...eherm...monday. it has been a very exciting week, with lots of new experiences and discoveries that you'll be hearingabout pretty soon.

a small hint however comes in the form of the quote below.

breakfast at tiffany's is an all time classic film, one that always gives you something new to notice every time you re-watch it.

nevertheless, the quote caused a train of thought that led to remembering all the people who did raise my confidence and empowered me, and how truly thankful i felt and continue to feel. these people created a gratefulness that in turn made me wish to empower others whenever i can in a pay it forward sort of way.

so i'll take a moment to just stay in this mode of gratefulness and perhaps put you in a similar mood. finally, always remember how unique and special you are. 
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How-to: Quick and Easy Silver, Layering Bracelet

it is a great pleasure to announce the end of finals this week. technically there are a couple more days but in reality it all feels close to over. as the calm washes over us one at a time, and there are moments to think of other things more or less important (or mundane) it is worthwhile to take a moment and enjoy just that.

in addition, now that the weather is all nice and warm, and our limbs are no longer hidden beneath countless layers of fabrics, it is finally the ideal time to play around with accessories, indulging in our inner hippies, or minimalist chic cocos. either way, there is a bracelet that can go with any style, be layered in countless ways and is deliciously easy to make.

DIY silver bracelets

we like to call this the tube bracelet, because it is made with silver plated tube beads. here, we chose curved ones that can follow the shape of your wrist.
all you will need is tube beads, string and scissors. our string is silk cord but another good option is waxed string which also comes in many colors. thin leather cord is another lovely alternative.

What you'll need

as you see in the image above, you must cut your string at the length of the perimeter of your wrist and then add an extra couple of inches in order to make the adjusting knots. these knots are also easy to do. you basically make one knot with one string around the other, like this:

{click on for the final two steps!}
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Final Week of Finals

hey there all!

i hope your weekend was splendid. this weekend was full of adventures here (we tried a speakeasy!). however, it is monday and reality has really kicked in. this week is our final week of finals. along with work and interning i have a large paper to get done by next tuesday. interestingly though, while in all honesty, it is quite overwhelming, and we all feel something like this

we cannot wait for summer to begin. it has been a very hectic and turbulent month for so many of us, trying to make plans and arrangements that wouldn't settle til just a few days ago. but here we are now, with a summer ahead of us. while it is still full of work and projects (ahh grad school), it is forecasted to be full of friends and outdoor fun. 

it feels like so long since all i had to worry about was just work and post-work activities and as peculiar as it may sound, i look forward to it being so again until september. i am even more excited because this forecast will also mean a ton of fun material and experiences to share with you on the blog!

so here's to a final week of getting our tushies kicked! wish me luck!

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